Saturday, July 09, 2005

Hot Time in Tampa.....& Wet Too!

Duke and Dutchess have been gone a good bit for the last few days.......

Wednesday returned from the hospital (where we work) to find house at 84 degrees inside. 9:30pm visit from repairman determined blown compressor! Thursday afternoon it was 90 inside......feels like here has been running 105-110 degrees.

Ordered the part Thursday morning. It came in Friday afternoon. They were supposed to install today in the PM.......we just had gusts to 55 mph and tornado warning from Dennis backwash! Guess it will be Monday before we get the AC back.....Only good thing......full parts and labor warrantee!

I went out and bought a small window unit and am carrying it back and forth......bedroom at night and living room in the day. Too hot in computer room to be here much. Living room tolerable during the day; bedroom nice at night.

Ah home ownership.....ain't it wonderful?

Duke (sweat - sweat)

UPDATE: The storm has given us a few gusts up to 55 mph.....LOTS of rain, and continues this morning. However, my thoughts and prayers turn now to the folks from Mobile 50-60 miles each side. Dennis is now Cat 4 and 145 mph......Mobile is LOW and there will be a giant surge up Mobile Bay....I hope all are safe and out of harms way! You can keep up to date with a blog by Brenden Loy. (HT Instapundit)