Friday, July 08, 2005

Misguided Interpretation!

The terrorists who yesterday created a furor in London continue to be the folks who seem to be completely lacking in the area of understanding the results of their acts.

The apparent belief they harbor is "If we bomb and kill and surprise them, they will fold!"

The reality escapes them.

In Spain a completely surprise combination of imminent voting, confusion about what happened in the attack, and several other factors combined to give the terrorists an apparent victory. I still feel the message sent by the Spaniards was erroneous. I think the voters were saying, in effect, "You, the party in power, let us down!" Thus the negative vote which the liberal faction felt was an endorsement of the group opposed to ANY Spanish soldiers being in Iraq.

They terrorists quite obviously did not anticipate that George Bush would react so solidly, so swiftly, and so powerfully to their actions of 9-11.

Yesterday they underestimated the English. They heard the many opponents of Blair/Bush, et al as they expounded upon their interpretation of the Iraq war as wrong, and felt they would drop another supporter.

They VASTLY underestimated the English.

The resolve coming from yesterday will unite the Brits in a common cause they already recognize!

Given the few dissenters (Galloway) who speak the opposite way, they may try to grab solice there.....but a thorough review of the Brits signs, media publications, and action...speaks much more loudly of how the terrorists have United the Brits in a cause not seen since the German bombings of WWII.