Friday, July 01, 2005

O'Conner Steps Down from SCOTUS

Sandra Day O'Conner, 75, and the 1st woman Supreme Court member has stepped down from her associate justice post.

Monday, when the Kelo decision was howling through the blogosphere I posted that the decisions (still anticipating at least one more to step down) would begin this weekend...HERE.

Now...the GOP better get their ducks in a row and MAKE things happen. O'Conner was one associate with whom I usually agreed.


UPDATE: Wish I could phrase it like Hugh Hewitt does.....Justice O'Connor's retirement will unleash the long brewing battle over the Supreme Court, and though I have often been disappointed with her decisions, before the battles get underway over her successor, she deserves thanks and recognition for more than two decades of service as a pioneering jurist and incredible professionalism in the public eye. She will always be the first woman to have served on the Court, and it is unlikely that she will ever be surpassed in terms of graciousness and "judicial temperment."

UPDATE2: Little Duke adds some comments on the process and the possibles...

Let the games begin!

With Sandra Day O’Connor’s retirement, we will now see the battle over Judicial nominations come to a head. This could be the biggest fight yet. I, for one, am looking forward to it. Will Bush nominate who he wants? Will he cave and nominate someone the Dems would call "more moderate"? Will the Republicans suddenly grow a set? Will the 14 keep to the agreement they made or will the Dems in that group call anyone this side of Howard Dean "extreme"?

I think this is the time for GW to step up and make the Liberals show their true colors. Force them be the obstructionists we all know them to be. It’s time for Americans to see them for what they are. I look forward to Hillary trying to look mainstream while opposing anyone Bush nominates. I want desperately to see how angry liberals become as Bush advocates someone who actually has read the Constitution and understands it means what it means.

The next few months should be fun as long as Republicans remember they won the last few elections and they are the majority in Congress. Go GW!

Little Duke