Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Red, White & Blue!

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This, the holiday weekend, serves to remind us of our heritage and our reason for being as the Strongest, most-free, and most productive nation in the history of the world!

Thanks to Michelle Malkin for the above picture which should give pause for all of us to review our place as a nation.

Today too much vitriolic messaging is about. Too many seem to want to forget our heritage, and seek to make us "cosmopolitan world" members.


WE are the most successful social experiment in the history of mankind!

WE are the nation doing more for the world (BILLIONS of Dollars, military protection, etc.) than any other nation has ever pretended to do!

WE are the nation to have freed and developed a preliminary form of Democracy in several nations (formerly dictatorships, suppressing people's rights and killing millions!) within the past three years.....all this following the most dastardly deed done to this country in its history! How appropriate that we reacted by freeing enslaved populations!


We celebrate this weekend the origin of this great experiment in freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! We celebrate our troops now making democracy possible for millions of formerly-suppressed human beings.

& I must add, we do so in spite of a liberal left-wing organization of out-of-step, out-of-sync, and out-of-touch people who continue to yell, shout, obstruct and demean our achievements. It is well that the voters of this great country recognize their shortcomings!

Have a Magnificent Independence Day, and enjoy a reflection on our origin, as well as a tributory time for our military, serving as this is written, in hostile lands!

Duke & Little Duke