Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Fond Farewell to Bill Fornoff

I've mentioned in the past an email group from my Pekin, IL high school. We are mostly classes of 58-63......

Late yesterday we received an email from Bill Fornoff, a fine member of our group....and a resident of N. C.

The email was signed by Bill's son-in-law, and related the fact of Bill's passing yesterday.

Bill, former basketball player at Pekin High, a business man, and a fine Christian fellow whose large size (for my age 6ft 3in...I believe) was offset by his kind & quiet ways.

He will be missed and this, being our 2nd loss of a member this year from our little group, is causing a lot of unrest and self-examination among our group. It is a new experience to enter the age group where such events are no longer "unexpected", but instead are much too normal to suit my tastes.

Without trying to become fatalistic, the view from here causes one to reappraise their feelings about the world and our lives.

Farewell will be missed!