Sunday, August 07, 2005

Seminoles; Illini...Who Next?

NCAA-PC runs amuck.

The NCAA-PC has released new rules pertaining to schools using American Indian nicknames as mascots. The new rule prohibits member schools from displaying “hostile and abusive” mascots, nicknames and imagery at any of its 88 sanctioned championships.

Of course, the actual determination of what constitutes “hostile and abusive” is to be determined by??? I’m sure that will be a fair determination!

To the highly esteemed members of the NCAA-PC, I’m sure it means nothing that schools like Florida State have worked closely with the local Seminole tribe for three decades and in fact that tribe’s council recently passed a resolution supporting the schools continued use of the Seminoles nickname and symbols.

I have been an Illini fan as long as I can remember and I always considered that name to mean strength and bravery, a tribute to that tribe. I know that according to PC rules I am not a Native American so I’m not supposed to have an opinion that matters, but I was never very PC.

Now as much as I don’t like this rule, let no one claim that it violates free speech. The NCAA-PC is not a government body, therefore it can make up any loopy rule it see fit.

No, my real problem with this comes down to the totally arbitrary way a rule like this can come into play. Since the afore mentioned Seminole Tribe endorses FSU’s use of the name and that has no effect on the NCAA-PC’s decision, it means outside influences are receiving a bigger voice than the parties involved. If the NCAA-PC is going to just act on any complaint they get, then the floodgates will open. Where will it stop?

The ASPCA and PITA will argue names of animals are used without their permission.

Relatives of Natural disaster victims will argue that Tornadoes and Hurricanes are offensive because of the memories they invoke.

Since my Mom thinks that football leads to glorification of violence, maybe football should be banned. (Perish the thought)

Anyone can be offended by almost anything. That’s why PC makes no sense. We are all becoming victims. The majority will be made to suffer because a few “might” be offended and once we let a few kooks (oops, that was probably offensive to anyone suffering a mental disease)…. Anyway, once we let a few kooks dictate what is to be allowed, things will just run more and more amuck.

Lil Duke

Add-On: (From Duke)....I am equally certain this bamboozle is a step in an effort to derange all things sports....How the NCAA got rope-a-doped into this would be a fantastic story to hear/read.

What next?

I agree the changing of my high school (Pekin, IL) from "Chinks" when I was in today's "Dragons"...was acceptable.....although yours truly will always be a "Chink". How about The Dutchess' high school in Lakeland, FL.....where "The Dreadnaughts" were Lakeland High School...and still are! A Dreadnaught? WWI talk for a large battleship! Wow, that alone should touch of a liberal/ACLU trembler of the 1st water. A high school whose teams are nicknamed after a large naval ship of war! It is also rumored some of the Dreadnaughts are still Boy Scouts.....!!!!! Ha!

& I'll bet there are many more similar, now-dated, nicknames that were considered harmless and innocuous when applied originally!

The problem here, as I see it, is just what I believe Lil Duke was driving toward....there is no end to the PC that these blithering idiots will seek to apply. One step leads to nauseum!