Thursday, August 18, 2005

Bodies! - Real Bodies.....on Display!

The Tampa, Florida MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry) has opened a display today of real bodies......they are flesh and bones and musculature, and organs. The bodies are posed to show how the body works. Check out their site:

The uproar has been astounding in Tampa Town as people have petitioned the state to keep the exhibit closed. MOSI insists it is all legal.

Not so, sez the Florida Anatomical Board (Who knew such a board even existed!). They voted unanimously yesterday to close the show.

Unfortunately the anatomical board has apparently no teeth (pun intended).....They called on the state to enforce their vote, but have so far been rebuked!

The claim is the show does not have the permission from the "bodies" to actually be displayed in public. MOSI, however, claims the bodies are from Japan where they were donated by a medical school for purposes of the exhibit.

Not just sure yet how this farce will play out.....but I have lots of questions... such as,

How did they preserve the bodies with exposed muscle, organs, etc.?
How did they pose them.....some stand up, some lay down with raised legs, etc.?

How refreshing to find Cindy Shaheen relegated to lesser status by this gem of journalistic wonder!

(snicker here)