Saturday, August 20, 2005

Air Scamerica - A Show to watch!

Yep! The message is finally getting through. Air America, the dastardly liberal scheme to present the non-message of the screaming left (Al Franken's rants) in DEEP Doo Doo!

However, you need to follow the blogosphere to know this! The MSM is not only out-to-lunch, but also under a rock hiding!

However, wonderfully talented reporters Brian and Michelle have the story in spades! They cover it and explain it. The Grey Lady and The WaPo are hiding in denial with more excuses than (can I use this ancient phrase?) Carter has Pills!

In addition, Captain Ed at CQ adds onto the growing snowball of information which should devastate the ham-handed Liberal broadcast network!

Just do, as Capt. sez and pull up a chair....get a bowl of popcorn and watch. This could be more fun than any MSM thing I've seen in YEARS!