Friday, July 31, 2009

Top 1% Pay More Tax Than Bottom 95%!!!! - DEMs Foaming At The Mouth!

Actually I presume the last part of that headline.

Hard to sell a "soak-the-rich" policy when they are already being soaked....far above what they were even 10-15 years ago.


Hat Tip to Instapundit.

Wanna bet on this making the major network news (well, other than FOX of course!)?


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Spendulus!!!! It Ain't Working Here!

The cost of even a part-time job is thousands per hour.......

Government brings us THE CURRENT CONGRESS! & They bring us the current crisis!

Vote em ALL out!



Czarist Amerika!!!

Michelle Malkin tells the story of the Obama avoidance of any form of ensure/approval/etc. of his appointments of people with TREMENDOUS power and not subject to any form of Congressional review/approval.

Mr. PrezBo, your lies are showing! "Open and transparent"....Ha Ha Ha!!!!


National Debt.....Treasury Sale.....OMG!!!!

& This from

We are in serious trouble, and thank the gods that be we are going to have some time to tell our legislators (CongressCritters) while they are home....(This may be the worst time ever for legislators to be home. The Tea Party troops are out in numbers, and the legislators will have their feet held to a fire.

I even emailed my CongressCritter, Betty Castor who replied with a standard, we are for health care type email.....Now, she will feel the anger of the voters as she visits Tampa again (or will she hide?)

The break should and could spell defeat for ANY health care vote.....Hopefully... It ALL depends upon the folks who tell the CongressCritters we DO NOT WANT IT!!!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

May Day, May Day! - Going DOWN!

HughS at Wizbang....Tells the tale of a system failed!

Healthcare is doomed in my estimation. The facts are the public abhors the effort, and most of us (72%) are OK with OUR healthcare as it exists...

Read it and weep DEMs, particularly following a recess in which your "town hall" meetings will give you more grief than you can possibly anticipate!

Go Public!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rasmussen: Majority Oppose Healthcare!!!

Most believe costs will go up, benefits down under Obamacare!

Read our lips Congress....There WILL be an election in 2010 & another in 2012.


Ask ObamaCare Supporters These Questions!

From the questions you'll not hear answered by Obama or any Pro-ObamaCare DEM.

This has to be your CongressCritter!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

He Said - She Said......RIGHT!

Stimulus clash!


If the presented/stated aims/goals of the stimulus are gone and blown away....HOW can the DEMs claim success????

Oh wait, they are NOT accountable for their earlier statements about goals and efforts.....Cause the Antique Media say they aren't!

Yeah, that's it....MOVE THE GOALPOSTS.....No one will notice.

Obama's Chicago-style politics is beginning to be recognized.!!!!!! BY THE PUBLIC!!!!

Ain't that neat?


My Mind Is Made UP....Don't Confuse Me With FACTS! - Part Deux!


He will talk to you as if he is....he will demonstrate flamboyant rhetoric which makes every effort to convince you he understands $$$$......He lies!

HughS @ WizBang tells the tale...

The problem is the public (nearly by a majority....but getting BETTER each week) are still in the class of "the Emperor believes he has clothes, so he must have clothes", well you know, as opposed to those who actually KNOW HE HAS NONE!

The coming week is crucial. We must keep pressure (phones/email) on GOP & Blue Dog folks who have some conception of the fiasco which Obama would visit upon us in the guise of "cutting costs"....

Additionally....We have to watch the GOP for signs of once-again collapsing and determining that half-a-loaf is better....thus caving to most of Obama's fiasco in return for dropping the other half (which Obama would later push thru a DEM Congress a add-ons!)

Make this a final nail in the coffin folks....not a temporary stay of sentence.


Someone Is Reading The ObamaCare Bill

Shawn Tully, at CNNMoney details 5 things you'll lose under the bill.


Obama & Pelosi hate the sound of the clock as more and more and more is read/written about this abomination of government control of YOUR health care.

Please read everything you can and then make sure your congresscritter is aware of your opposition to any of the current health care bills.


Culture of Corruption:

Michelle Malkin begins a series on "The Czars of The Obama Underworld!"

She will continue the series.

Sh-caw-gah politics rule Washington currently. At least until 2010 or 2012....IF people continue to wake up.


"It's Not About Me!"....WTF????

It has to be something in the water at Harvard.

Healthcare by Obama is say the least. Despite the fact it is apparently something about which NOT ONE CONGRESSMAN actually has read, and despite the fact the WH now sez it was not aimed at saving money (Remember when THAT was the reason for rushing this through?). The obvious reason for the rush is Obama has this as his keystone item which he must pass. Now he sez, "It's not about me!"

Professor Gates, bound toward filing charges, lawsuits, and ranting on endlessly despite the apparent evidence (I, like the PrezBo have not seen the evidence) to the contrary, now is saying, "It's not about me!"

Right in both cases, NOT!


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Maybe Gates Had A Reason To Fear Publicity & Public Recognition?

If I had THIS POTENTIAL PROBLEM WITH MY "FOUNDATION" i'd be kind of quiet, not seeking some form of publicity.

Is this really GatesGate?

We'll see.


Alarm On The "Prejudometer!" - Gates/Crowley/Obama, et al

Mark Steyn gives a fair appraisal of the fiasco.

Was this an Obama:

a) an effort to get off the subject of Healthcare at his abortive Presser
b) a huge mistake to cater to his audience of minorities

I opt for C


Friday, July 24, 2009


"Let me be clear. I do not know the facts of the Henry Louis Gates arrest.

But my understanding of the facts is that the officer once gave a black man mouth-to-mouth resuscitation; that the officer is an expert on avoiding racial profiling; that he spoke to a witness who had seen two black men attempting to break into Gates’s home; that the officer talked to Gates, a black man inside that home; that Gates did not explain to the officer that he had been shut out of his own home — and that Gates decided that the police officer, a man apparently trying to do his job, was a racist, and started screaming at him.

I think it’s fair to say, No. 1, any of us would be pretty angry if we were called a racist for trying to do our jobs.

No. 2, Gates acted stupidly in not explaining to an officer who said he was investigating a possible break-in: “Oh, I understand what’s going on here. My door was jammed and I was trying to jimmy it open. Someone must have seen seen that and assumed I was breaking in!”

No. 3—what I think we know separate and apart from this incident—is that there is a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos complaining about being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately. And that’s just a fact. Yet, when they are being stopped because they fit the description of a criminal, that means someone with their skin color committed a crime. And maybe they could reserve some of their outrage for those criminals — because if the criminal hadn’t committed the crime, they wouldn’t get stopped.

Knowing nothing about what actually happened, I just thought I would nevertheless pop off and express a bunch of opinions that make it seem like I do know what happened.


All part of my effort to appear presidential."

MY GOD....This man is OUR President!

Let me see....IF GWB had issued such a declaratory statement on any such potentially racial situation, WHAT would the MSM have done?

Crucify GWB! That's The Fact!

Where will this go? Who knows, but the Chicago-Prez will N-E-V-E-R be wrong! Count on that fact Jack!


"Tonsillectomies of Greed!" - PrezBo Strikes Out Once Again!

The facts are.....READ EM HERE!

My god, combining his lack-o-knowledge about this situation with his "stupid cops" mention, Obama pissed off about twice as many last night as heard his message in a neutral fashion.

Way to go PrezBo......

Continuing your exposure of your lack-a-knowledge, and your "SH-CAW-GAH" IDEOLOGY...We gotta love your Carteresque moves.

Man-o-man....He is MY PREZ?????

I hurt inside somewhere.


Am I Missing Something?

"The president is "not familiar" with the bill. No one can explain how it will work yet, as Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md., told a contentious town meeting. There are various plans, and negotiations are still in the early stages.

But whatever it is, we should be for it.

Am I missing something?"

What IS the question, and WHY are we not being asked?

Thus we finally see the actual thing which is nudging the mind of ALL Americans....


What magical, mystical thing dictates that if we do not pass this still-unwritten bill IMMEDIATELY, the country will fail?

Why, after a stimulus of 787 BILLION DOLLARS to "FIX" the economy, is now the entire economy resting upon the passage of the healthcare thingee from Obama which he knows not the details of, and which the DEMs have not yet written...?????


It is that simple....

Because, if not passed now, it runs the risk of never being passed.

The Obama KEY legislation....(well, except for the stimulus and the cap and trade, and anything else he can dream up) now under fire.

In fact, it is D-E-A-D! Pelosi admits it....under duress from Reid who KNOWS it is dead....and both dump Obama who has never condescended to allow the Congressional minions to be a part of any decisions....except to write HIS bills!

The man is an exercise in overblown Chicago mentality.

We will now, hopefully, see his image altered forever.....Yes, the "Waterloo" statement was correct, even if I felt it should have never been made.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obama Plays The Race Card! - OOPS!

He is so totally lacking in recognition of what he said that he is still standing by his comments......

Obama's post-racial theme is D-E-A-D!!!

Obama is seeming to be falling apart...seriously. The cracks in his programs/comments/pressers are chasms!!!!!


May Day, May Day...Or Is It August Day, August Day???

"Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead..." and along with her (Pelosi), Reid & Obama's plans!

The handwriting has been there for weeks, but Obama tried once-again to orchestrate a Chicago-style ram-it-home...That didn't work so well.

Obama pulls an Emily Litella...."Never Mind!"

NOW PEOPLE, when your rep comes home for the August break....HAMMER-EM!!!!


Wha???? - Obama Whiffs On Facts!

PrezBo went live last night on TV to....well, I am not sure....and, apparently no one else is either.

Health Care was the primary topic, peppered with "Stupid" cops comments.

Beyond that AP, staunch Obama supporters all, ask what is going on.

Middle Class Taxation opened as an option???

WHIFF!!! Is The Word!

Obama is losing touch???

The blogosphere, and major news alive with the failure of Obama to convert on 3rd and 10!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All Obama Spending Bills Need Speed.....Cutting Expenses, Not So Much!

Obama demanded a 100 million dollar cut by his cabinet.

Nothing - nada - no....

We HAVE TO spend, and control everything by government....BUT a simple 100 million cut. Well, that can come later.


So Much For Openness & Transparency

Another of the many things Obama found wrong with Bush is now Obama's Norm!

The lies continue...there is no shame. It is easy, in Chicago style politics anything said more than 10 minutes ago does not count!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Obama Has Ended Life As You Know It!!!! PERIOD!


I am reading Rand's book currently, courtesy of son, Little Duke! This is real and perhaps 75% of the population are still off in la la land.....

We are dying here!


Monday, July 20, 2009

From "The Emperor Has No Clothes" Section.....

Mid-July brings the Presidential budget update....well, except this year when Obama wants to wait til he passes ObamaCare!

The man knows no bounds to his bending/breaking of rules/precedent/laws, etc.

This man's Presidency will be written about and analyzed for Centuries!

What a mistake the electorate made....but on the bright side we only have 3 years and 6 months more til we get to place ANYONE else in the post.

Will there be a country left to operate?


Cat's Outta The Bag! - Private Health Insurance....Bye Bye Under Obama Plan!

Wizbang tells the tale.....Kim Priestap

Lie, Lie, Lie.....maybe they will believe it!

God, I hope not!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

You Don Likea What I Do....I Breaka You Legs!

Obama has his own form of terrorism!


Those of us who grew up in Illinois, and more particularly "Shi-cog-ah" are fully aware of the Daley brand of the Obama plan for government.

Their general plan is.....ONCE IN POWER....STAY THERE FOREVER.....& Demolish any who oppose you!

Check what "The One" has done so far.....he exorcises the Inspectors General at his pleasure....avoiding ANY person critical of he or his minions. He has "nationalized" GM & the UAW control and losing ANY responsibility to the shareholders....many of whom supported him thinking he was REALLY in to Hope and Change.....

These folks have now a lesson in reality....


Ya gets what ya asks for!

He He


Sometimes Life Really Sucks!

Just received word a friend from my Elks Lodge has lost a 31 year old daughter to a viral infection. He is in California, she lived here in Tampa. He had lost his Mother and Father in California in less than a year, and was there to settle the estate.

His daughter became sick Saturday morning; she passed at Tampa General Hospital...a level 1 trauma center...this afternoon.

Her husband died of cancer in the same hospital 2 years ago.

Sad....Just really, really sad.

Life is not always good nor happy. This is one of the sad times.

Bless you Frank, and your family. Our prayers be with you.


From The W-T-F? Department....

Convicted in 1980; sentenced to DEATH.......

Dies of natural causes in 2009. There is something SERIOUSLY WRONG here!

The man lived for 29 years on death row. & DIED

WHY IN HELL are we even dealing the death sentence?????

How long could this fellow have lived had he not died of natural causes?

Our criminal justice system is totally F-xxxxD up!

Why do we have the death sentence....but I repeat myself!


"Where Will You Meet Your Waterloo?"

The old song echoes through my mind as this ObamaCare monster carries forward!

Waterloo???? Just read and understand!

Lots of the folks who read LOTS MORE in the general not have a C-L-U-E as to the immensity of the problem!

IF this abortion of a "snatch-and-grab" healthcare bill passes, we are all doomed to the shadows of NO-CARE....ALL THE TIME! We elders will be given NOTHING.


Mine replied to my concerns saying blandly...I am for the best healthcare....She is a Lib DEM...We are doomed in my district!


PrezBo....."We Ain't Interested!"

The One is going to have to face a "Come-to-Jesus" meeting of the minds who find his plan B-A-D!!!!

Yessir!.....Thanks Obama for the idiocy and self-smugness! You will prove to be your own worst enemy! Thanks Again!!!!


Govs Say "What-The-Fxxx?"

This is becoming almost a comedy of non-denominational opposition to "The One's" MASSIVE Healthcare Overhaul and Socialization......

Governors join others (DEM & GOP) in opposition to the massive attempt to take over healthcare by government....the least-efficient possible force for ANY program!

My GOD could the message be any more clear.....Obama is W-R-O-N-G!!!!!

Stop the insanity!


Obama Ain't Gonna Like This Poll !!!!

But of course he will ignore it and continue his diatribe on "must-do, NOW!"

It is the way of despots who cannot find facts....but must ride the dead horse of "Hope & Change" until it falls over dead....(Coming soon at your local theatre!)

READ THIS Obamassiah!

But of course you will........and of course you will ignore it as you do all things related to the plebiscite having ANY real idea of what is GOOOOOOD for them!

You are truly "THE ONE" Just ask yourself......


Mary Jo Kopechne....R.I.P. - Ted Kennedy....Live With It As You Face God!

I simply could not tackle this one by myself.....I know me, and I'd have gone ballistic in a heartbeat!

So I leave it to Scott Johnson of Powerline:

"An attorney friend of mine who describes himself as a lifelong student of the Kennedy family has circulated the following email in honor of one anniversary that will pass almost entirely unremarked in the mainstream media:

I thought I would take a moment to bother you all, ladies included, to remind everyone that this is the 40th anniversary of the infamous Chappaquiddick incident in which an inebriated Senator Ted Kennedy marked a reunion of his brother Bobby's "Boiler Room" girls by driving one to her death off the Dyke Road bridge.

This manslaughter might have been forgiven if Kennedy hadn't decided to evade responsibility for the accident and cover it up by failing to report it, trying to co-opt one of his aides to cop to being the driver, and then leaving them to try and fix it for him for over seven hours.

Worse, Mary Jo Kopechne, whose drowned body was found in a position trying to eke out the last molecules of air within the submerged car, was left to drown by the self-involved Senator, who chose not to seek immediate help.

After proceedings by a Kennedy-friendly judicial system in Massachusetts, Kennedy was found guilty of leaving the scene of an accident and had his driver's license suspended. But perhaps the crowning event was Kennedy's appalling nationally-televised apologia, which I remember viewing on TV, and which still reigns as probably the worst and most self-indulgent political pitch ever.

He may be "the Lion of the Senate", but I will never forget Chappaquiddick. For the uninitiated, a must read is Leo Damore's excellent book Senatorial Privilege.

Ted Kennedy has styled himself an opponent of wealth and privilege, but his career is a tribute to their power when wielded by a man of the left. The lesson of Chappaquiddick thus remains timely forty years on.

JOHN adds: The Kopechne family hated Ted Kennedy, but Mary Jo's parents are now dead. Which cleared the way, apparently, for Ted finally to visit Mary Jo's grave. The National Enquirer has the story:

The ENQUIRER reports exclusively that Ted Kennedy, dying of brain cancer, made a secret visit to the grave of Mary Jo Kopechne. ...

In his final Thanksgiving celebration with his family, the dying 76-year-old Kennedy patriarch expressed his deep regret over the Mary Jo tragedy.

Only days before the holiday break, Ted made a special trip to visit the parish cemetery of St. Vincent's Roman Catholic Church in Plymouth, Pa., where Mary Jo was buried July 22, 1969.

"Ted knows his days are numbered and has been wrestling with making this difficult trip," a family source told The ENQUIRER. "While Mary Jo's parents were alive, because of the bad blood that existed, Ted avoided going."

A line from a country song goes through my head: "Jesus would forgive, but a daddy don't forget." Nor should he. Whether Kennedy genuinely repents leaving Mary Jo to die while he ran off in search of an alibi, we can only leave to a higher authority."

Thanks Scott, and his writer.......I would have been a blithering demanding, ignorant accuser of this self-centered, self-serving, self-important bastard!

You did it well! That, in some ways, short changes the idea of the horrendous crime this man was allowed to follow and yet be a Senator for decades.

Curse You Ted Kennedy.....and the horse you rode in upon (Kennedy lure & fashion)....


Surprise - Obama Lied About Stimulus Benefactors!

John Lott, at FOXNews details how, despite Obama claims, stimulus $ go to those states least needing it.

"Nothing here.....move along and go pass my Health Careless bill....N-O-W...or I'll give you the big bad scowl face!"

Just like the Obama vs Obama post below, this tells the true tale. The man's hubris is completely unbelievable. He can, with a totally-straight-face tell you two completely different stories and believe you will accept both. The kool-aid drinkers are beginning to understand the drink is sweetened with saccharine. Faster Please! (apology to Instapundit for the borrowed phrase!)

WAKE UP AMERICA....Your soul is being SOLD!


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Honduran Elections Certified....But No Election Held!

This story should make Obama & His State Department feel all warm and fuzzy!

No election, but the now-ousted Pres of Honduras had already written the election returns. What a sweet guy. Probably learned the trick from some of Obama's Chicago cronies....They've been doing this for years.

Should be interesting to hear from Obama on this....but, of course we won't!


Obama vs Obama....

Transparency, Hope, Change.....???


Fired IG Files Suit....

You broke the law, Mr. President!

Fighting back against the impulsive President who never met a law he couldn't bend/break with impunity!

Get em Gerald......We're behind you and I am sure many feel as I do that it is time to take back "the rule of law"....


Obama Continues Lying.....

PrezBo tells you you can keep your insurance....Liar!

Obama is pushing, pushing, pushing to pass this abomination quickly. If he does not get it passed in the next few weeks, it will never pass. The public is awakening. My concern is, will they awaken quickly enough?

Call/Write your Congressman/Senator.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Public 50% to 35% Are AGAINST ObamaCare!!!

Rasmussen's latest is reviewed by Ed Morrissey at Hot Air!

This is a marked down trend for support, and instead is actually little more than a solid opposition.

Obama/Pelosi/Reid, however, are full-steam-ahead......"Damn The Torpedoes" they work very, very hard to ram another unpopular and non-working plan down the throats of the people.

Call YOUR Congressman! Tell them NO!!!!

I called & I wrote....Rep. Kathy Castor.


Choice? - You Don Get No Stinkeen Choice

Investor's Business Daily exposes the devil in O's HealthCareless Program!

In plain language....YOU cannot choose anything in health care under the Obamassiah's plan. IF you have insurance you can maintain it....BUT if you change choice. If your employer drops health care choice. You WILL end up on the Government plan.....PERIOD!

Ain't that special? One estimate I heard was 130 MILLION will lose their private health care under the proposed plan....130 Million who are now quite happy with their insurance and who will not change unless coerced/forced to do so!

Somebody ask Obama about that one......see if he'll answer. Bet not.

Since this little nugget was on page 16 it makes one wonder what is on the remainder of the 1,000 plus pages....

Oh! I forgot, we're not supposed to read it, just accept The One's plan....even if it RAISES COSTS!

Given another week of exposure this tent will fold completely! Do we have a week??? Call YOUR CONGRESSCRITTER T-O-D-A-Y! Stop this idiocy.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

CBO - "Obama Healthcare Will RAISE Costs, Not Lower Them!"

This comes at an inopportune time for Obama and the DEMs....

Now they will, without a doubt, attack the CBO....a completely neutral office.

The sounds of shaking in the foundations of the plan can be heard everywhere.

Time for the public to tell Congress, "This dog won't hunt!"


Palin Gets an H-O-N-E-S-T Look...

David Bernstein Gives Sarah Palin serious look not clouded by DEM fear of this woman.

Of course, not only DEMs fear her. Huckabee sounds more afraid of her than he does as offering her sound advice.

Sarah, you are my gem.....Keep it rollin gal!


UPDATE: THIS POLL seems to support my ideas on why Huck wants to put down Sarah....or at least marginalize her as a "helper"....he's trailing her!


READ THIS...Then call your Congress Critter & ASK THEM....This is NOT Emergency Legislation!

Hide, Hide, Duck, Pass.....AHHHH!

That seems the strategy....too many of we sheeple are beginning to catch evident in MY EARLIER POST!

Make those calls your legislator & to the Blue Dogs who could help carry the day.


Horror Film or Mystery?


Guess I won't be boating there any time soon!


My Mind Is Made UP....Don't Confuse Me With FACTS!

Instapundit tells how the Global Warming Bubble may be about to BURST!

AlGore will get busy reading this in....oh, 2020 or so.


Dive! - Dive!; The Obama Crash Is On! - Part Deux

At Hotair, Allahpundit has details of the crack up.

IF we can hold off O'blah blah HealthCareless for a month or two it is doomed....just why "The One" is running about madly demanding passage NOW!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I POST....SO WHAT?????

I am tired. I am tired of reading....I am tired of trying to expose the liberal/socialist agenda and achievements of this administration.

I am aware that MANY, perhaps even a majority, of our population are either unaware of the reality of what has been voted upon us....OR, they simply are still drinking the Obamassiah Kool-Aid.....

They could care less, and are driven to ride with "The One" for whatever he does. If it fails, then it will be the fault of "Government"....not The One.

My God, but I believe the population actually buys this load of crap.

"The One" is clueless.....his entire action so far has F-A-I-L-E-D....Miserably...His entire plan!

WHY should we believe his plan to offer us "Healthcare ala-Obama" will be anything better than SS or Medicare????


This new program will F-A-I-L!!!!

& We will pay.....


As a senior (aged 66), I can guarantee there will be actions prohibiting me from some treatments/surgeries/et al that Y-O-U-N-G-E-R folk will enjoy.

Obama and his family will NOT be prohibited from ANY treatment.

YOU & I WILL....or our "Wait Time" will be so long as to insure we die before treatment.


Why would a government which cannot even control SS & Medicare consider itself qualified, or capable of administering this boon doogle of a program?????


Obama will N-E-V-E-R do would halt his program instantly.

He will, instead, provide us with rosy reviews, glossy skies, and NO substance at all until the deal is passed.!

We are dead, my friends. We are becoming socialist as we sit here....and NO ONE is willing to speak up.

Cuss you GOP!


CUSS Politicians all.

I feel completely sick to my stomach!


Reality is An UGLY Thing!

Ed Morrissey, "Capt. Ed" to those of us who have known him for several years, has a fine look at the "TAX THE RICH TO PAY FOR HEALTHCARE" idea:

"This is part of the entire problem with the “progressive” tax system. It punishes people for success and is at its most basic a real consequence of a grievance mindset, in which life is a zero-sum game and winners “steal” from losers. As the economy itself has proven consistently, real wealth expands and standards of living increase for the entire population when capital is allowed to work in the markets. Soaking the rich reduces that capital and stymies the expansion of wealth and creation of new jobs. Government does not create wealth; it eats it, in some cases for good reason (national defense, for example) but too often for the kind of social engineering that inevitably makes matters worse.

Nowhere in the Democrats’ plan do they explain why 2.1 million Americans should have to pay to reform the health-care system for 300 million Americans, nor does the Post explain why 2.1 million Americans should have to pay for the massive deficits created by Democrats in Congress and Barack Obama. Both accept the notion that government exists to transfer wealth without explaining at all the basis for a free government to do so. If we need massive health-care reform, then the costs should be borne by everyone — and when that happens, you will find massive health-care reform to be a lot less popular than when Obama, Rangel, & Co try to pass it off as something for nothing."

That, my friends, is the beginning.....

There is MUCH MORE!!!!!

We, my friends, are in deep, deep doo doo!

This country is in deep doo doo!

This President is clueless as to reality; living instead in the Socialist world of "everybody helps everybody" to such an extent he finds any profit to be abhorrent!


H-O-L-Y S-X-X-X !!!!!!!!!

The ObamaCare MASSIVE BUREAUCRACY is unveiled by the GOP! (NOTE: You will need to click on the pic and expand it to even begin to read this unbelieveable proposal to create a new government!)

Read all about it HERE!!!!!

O - M - G !!!!!

& YOU think SS & Medicare suck?

You ain't seen nothing yet....wait til you see the freight train The Obamassiah has planned to run this thru Congress faster than "Sxxx" thru the proverbial goose!


ObamaCare: What's Not To Like?

Well, as long as you are a dyed-in-the-wool screaming liberal socialist!

The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) now reports it will cost us $1.04 TRILLION. & That is in the first few years only!

You will be, under provisions in at least one version, be coerced into joining or pay a FINE.

The Evil Rich will ALL be taxed at rates between 2% & 5.4%, depending upon their income level.

UNION PEOPLE will be exempt from paying since they "have" health care. (What about the 250 million of us who are not union and also have health care?)

The costs will soar, and the program will perform like, and be funded like SS & Medicare (why would this ONE program operate any differently than all the other programs run by our Imperial Government?)...poorly.

Lines are forming already for treatment.....if you don't queue up now, it will take forever when you actually get rich.

This program will kill our way of life. PERIOD. This government cannot even run existing programs and is in complete denial of the drowning of SS & Medicare in debt even as they add BILLIONS more in obligations.

Some tax figures for all planned programs to increase taxes on the "rich" (you know, those who actually create jobs and such) will place their load at more than 50%!

The USA has begun a death spiral if this passes! That is NOT A JOKE!


Monday, July 13, 2009

The Pottery Barn Economy?

YA Did It; YA Own It!!!!

Bush ain't at fault when the Obamassiah, and his Clown VP "Slow-Joe" Biden read the cards wrong.


They own it, they prescribed the cure, and theyFAILED!!!! Miserably!!!!

Now they seek phantoms.....Bush problems with criminals, prisoners, and programs. ALL Directed at making folks focus on something other than their F-A-I-L-U-R-E!!!!!

It is almost comical....except for the part WE all have to pay...& our kids have kids HAVE TO PAY....AND our Grandkids HAVE TO PAY!!!!

That is reality!

Thanks Obamassiah...You have given me Wings.....Wings of L-E-A-D!


The 1st Anti-American President!


This man is dismantling 200 plus years of this Republic.....and the MSM & Congress are completely complicit!

The public stands around shuffling their feet!


We are being Socialized as we stand and do nothing!


Obama Administration/Dem Congress Reach A Major Milestone!

a Duke DeLand Creation!
At the end of June, for the 1st time E-V-E-R, the United States was $1.1 TRILLION DOLLARS in debt for the current fiscal year (beginning last October).

How's that for your Stimulating Porkapalooza?

The Obama plan is working, according to he and his very tired staff.

It just happens to work in reverse! BEEP-BEEP-BEEP....(That is the sound of the huge truck backing up to dump on we citizens of Obamaland!)

If you thought The One's ratings were already tanking...I have a feeling you ain't seen nothing yet! Well, that does suppose that media other than the blogosphere are actually going to report on this. We cannot be assured of that fact!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

May Day, May Day.....California to Be Abandoned!

The exodus continues......California is HOSTILE to business....and they know it!

Gotta love it. The California legislature is still stuck in TAX-TAX-TAX mode.....even as the state goes bankrupt!

Nobody in CA even cares enough to vote these lizards out-of-office!

California folk are obviously D-U-M-B!....or ignorant....

Whatever....They have not a clue. could solve much of our problem in the West!

Sorry....that was not a "PC" correct response!

Well, I am not really sorry!


THIS IS NOT A Scare Tactic.....BUT, You'd Better Read It And Understand!

Obama-Care May, indeed, threaten medical innovation....the benchmark of our Medical system!

My Father died at age 58....He had severe heart problems. He first had a serious heart attack at 47. We lived for 11 years with his problem (and three more serious heart attacks!). Today, what killed him (he died in 1978) would have been easily cured by today's progressive medicine!

The new Obama Care proposal will cut this type of development as Government N-E-V-E-R gives rise to private medical development. That involves the "PROFIT PRINCIPLE!" Government abhors private profit....thus funding for such solutions to health problems will disintegrate with ObamaCare!

Yes, it will.....then comes the "you're too old for this treatment" methodology of saving money! Lots of money!

I ain't ready to die for my government. I'd prefer the fact of private enterprise developing what I need to live into my 80s; 90s; 100s???? ObamaCare will kill off us oldsters.....unless we are Obama & his family; Congressional members; Senators & their families.....or others well-connected.

Do NOT be fooled by Obama's many charades about whom he is protecting. He is protecting his family. ALL else is Socialism.....NOT Creeping, but LEAPING!

He even admits he will not promise to let his family live ONLY under his medical plan.



Saturday, July 11, 2009

It Ain't A Happenin!!!!!

William Kristol gives vent to the lies....

Obama & Company are lying out their asses and they KNOW IT...

They count on the "government-educated" among us to still believe the "HOPE & CHANGE" mantra....a failed concept.

The public awakes, and they are getting REALLY, REALLY MAD!

How much longer can THE ONE buy into the pool of socialistic achievement without the revolt of the public?

That is the question, my friends.


That Dang LIGHT...The Light of WHAT-WE-DO!

NOT What we say/said....just WHAT-WE-DO!

Rex Murphy: "We've seen him in action for a bit more than six months. What we can say with confidence, now that we have the evidence of his actions, is that had he run on (a) transforming the U.S. economy by massive federal government intervention, (b) taking an owner's stake in the automobile industry, (c) transforming the rules of America's energy economy, (d) instituting a national health-care system - all of these simultaneously and in the center of a financial meltdown - Barack Obama wouldn't merely have lost the election, he wouldn't have got as many votes as gnarly old Ross Perot did in an election long past."

As Rex calls it....Obama on the flying trapeze!

This clod is stumbling....and frankly, I think he knew he would. Thus the "May Day, May Day" calls for immediate action on ALL his proposals.

He will find NO support beyond the point where the voting public find "Hope and Change" are really "Change To Socialism and Debt!"

There is no question that is his intent....there is no question that is his goal...there is only a chance for the public to awake and S=T=O=P the agenda.....

That is underway, but it may already be too late.


Friday, July 10, 2009

From The Department of D-U-H!!!

Bristol Palin's former boyfriend states the obvious!

Palin is seeking a new level. She is moving to end the horrendous multiple complaints filed against her (ALL proven false) and the cost of defending these actions....and she is seeking a financial stability for her family.....ALL things done by ALL political figures....but ONLY reported about Palin.

GO MSM Media.....Torpedo ANY GOP/Conservative.....Unabashedly, and with obvious malice!

The shame of having been a newsman/news director many, many years ago.....But THEN we presented BOTH sides of a story.....Anything slanted/biased was E-D-I-T-O-R-I-A-L!!!!

Times have changed.

WHY Does no one challenge this media bias and their proclivity toward expression of their view as news, while the actual news is ignored?

Liberal MSM.....

Hate you ! You have destroyed my earlier profession!



At Neal Boortz site we get the story!

Since when has government EVER relied upon facts. It is more about "Urgent need" and similar such Obamaesque phrases.

Thanks GOD the electorate are becoming aware of his idiocy in terms of actual, you know, FACTS of survival!


A "Regular Gal"; Michelle Obama!

Boo! Hiss! Michelle Obama was not carrying a $6,000.00 purse....

Jack Dunphy sets us on the real course of TRUTH! "Imagine the disappointment here in the Dunphy house when it was reported that Michelle Obama was flouncing about Moscow while toting an Italian handbag that cost nearly $6,000. Well, I’m relieved to report that the Evita Peron analogies can be suspended, as a spokeswoman for the handbag’s manufacturer, VBH, has now identified the First Lady’s purse as one that goes for a mere $875."

See, she’s just a regular gal from Chicago after all.

–Jack Dunphy"

Yee Haw....Gollee I thunk she was pretentious! I guess I was misspoken!


Spawn of The SPENDULUS!

Michelle Malkin has this covered like a blanket!

The 1st (hopefully last) Spendulus is miserable, and failing while Biden flails away at the detractors as if he is the watchdog Obama promised. The facts make him an outright L-I-A-R!!!!

The Porkulus, its more appropriate name, is a DEM project to pay off supporters....The facts of where the $ are going speak louder than any Obamaesque spin machine can portray!

Honeymoon over......Moderates moving R-I-G-H-T rapidly.....Ratings now -8% for The One!

Game over??? We can hope, but watch for DEM tricks to slide something....anything under the door. They will if they can!


Obama O.K. With Health Care Rationing?????

For the unenlightened, eyes-shut-Obamassiah-believer that seems to be a shock! How could it be when his minions ALREADY SAID IT WAS!

The sheeple are awakening. Let me see. a)stay as we are or push for medicare/medicaid reform or, b) reform all health care and 1)ration according to age & cost and 2) hike the price so we ALL pay a lot more.

The thing the usual media culprits (MSM) fail to tell you about polls is that they DO indicate people want coverage for everyone, but ALSO the polls say people DO NOT want to pay for this.

I predict that unless some really, really profound changes are made in planned legislation (what is in the bill, by the way) there will be no such legislation passed this year, and The One has said if it does not pass this year it will not pass in his watch. O.K. by me! I am, after all, 66 and may want a new knee or hip in the next ten years. I am not ready for the pasture.


Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Hell With "Dive-Dive" For Obama's Ratings & Legislative Package....Now It Is "May Day; May Day!!!"

Yeppers folks, The One's ratings are dropping like a brick, AND his legislative "must-haves" are dead-in-the-water. As mentioned in an update below, The One's negative rating is soaring at 8%!

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air tells us "Crap & Tax" Cap & Trade is DOA until at least September....long after The One wanted it passed.

The tides are turning as well for Healthcare with many, many doubts...questions...objections, etc. floating about both GOP & DEM camps.

Folks the Obamassiah ship may have already sailed! H-O-W-E-V-E-R....don't let that stop you from pressuring your Congressman to halt these boondoggles.


Truth Stranger Than Fiction????

Instapundit receives a new copy of Atlas Shrugged!

Son, Little Duke, mailed me a copy for Father's Day. I'm wading in.


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Dive! - Dive!; The Obama Crash Is On!

Not that Obama cares, but his approval ratings are now officially in-the-tank!

He is now -5%....that is 5% more people feel strongly he is wrong an do he is right!

There is speculation that he cares not, and feels even more compelled to continue his Democrat/Socialist agenda of tax/spend/increase government. AT ANY COST TO THE PUBLIC!


UPDATE: When I titled this "Dive! - Dive!; The Obama Crash Is On" I had NO IDEA! Today it is announced that The One's ratings slipped another 3 points to a negative 8.....Gooollleeee!

Mr. Sunshine This Morning?

Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds, did the work to round up THIS COLLECTION OF DIRE REPORTS!

You cannot blame Glenn. The primary level of news today, excepting in a spin piece by some Obama figure, is negative.


& Then PrezBo Reminded The Russians About Alaska!

Gaffe; Gaffe; Gaffe......The supply is endless.

Moe Lane writes on his blog: "This post written after I finished wiping coffee off of the monitor.

God, I miss the days of the Bush administration, when we didn’t do things like this.

Referring to the long history of Russia-U.S. trade stretching back more than two centuries, Obama told an audience of business people in Moscow:

“Along the way, you gave us a pretty good deal on Alaska. Thank you.”

Contra Reuters, this was not a “pointed quip” (as Ed Morrissey notes, it only works as one if you assume that the President wanted to insult his hosts): it was a “somebody didn’t read the briefing materials (particularly the bits about Vladimir Zhirinovsky) gaffe.” What’s next? Thanking the Chinese for their involuntary help with training up our Navy during the Boxer Rebellion? That should go over well: they’re even touchier about their history than the Russians are.

And I actively dread thinking about what the current President is going to say, the next time that he visits Japan."

I also added a few of my own:

Mexico: You guys still remember the Alamo?
France: Your army back to WWI & WWII readiness?
England: How's the old tea supply fellas?

A clown face to go with a clown mouth.


Monday, July 06, 2009

Another ObamaVasion???

Invasion of the Obama team into untried waters is nothing new.

HOWEVER...They now wish to totally control the Inspectors General!

The folks who keep government H-O-N-E-S-T!!!!!

The current situation is Congress and Executive get reports from the IGs (three of which Obama has unceremoniously DUMPED). The proposal before Congress is to abdicate the Congressional report....Then the IGs will ONLY report to the Executive (The One!).

this follows (or coincides) with the announcement that Obama would like to see Senate ratification of treaties done away with!

Wanna bet he'll soon wish to do away with term limits on the (President-for-life) Presidency???

The man is a menace to this Republic.



From The "We-Can-Hope!" Department

California's economic debacle may KILL Obamanomics!

Lord, I hope so!


Honduras In Trouble - Obama Sides WITH Socialists Against Democracy!

This is just way too spooky. Democracy is threatened & Obama sez: "We want the Socialist in power.

This is such a blatant opposition to the actual rule of law that it should be clear to all. The "illegal coup" named by Obama is a lie...a bold-faced lie.


Double Down on Failure!

The old joke goes something like this: If I trucked sand into town and lost 50 cents a ton, I just buy a 2nd truck so i can haul more....

Yeah! That's the ticket! If our 1st stimulus failed (so far) miserably we just add another stimulus!

The Democrat party is edging in that direction, and the MSM and most liberals will eagerly drink this Kool-Aid.

The new regime has been wrong (That is W-R-O-N-G!!!) on everything to do with the economy, so they think if they simply double their mistakes it will all get better. The chart tells the tale of Democrat projections vs performance.

Slo Joe Biden's weekend announcement that "they" had misread the seriousness of the problem indicates they are about to once again trot out the "Bush left us worse than we thought" dog to justify Stimulus II.

Now the question is...will the public buy into it? They'll almost certainly be coerced by the MSM.

& Prior to this, or possibly as a smoke screen for this, the CAP & TAX legislation is rumbling along to provide us another fiscal disaster.


Pour Me Another Cuo O'Joe

Coffee, The Miracle Drug?


Atlas Groans!

From the blog Innocent Bystanders this MORE THAN INTERESTING ANALYSIS!

Just a little question for the MSM. Whatever happened to actual news reporters who used to cover this stuff? MIA? Or, perhaps just ITT (In The Tank for the non-thinkers out there).


Sunday, July 05, 2009

Obama Going To Russia - They Ask Surrender 1st!

How very, very "The One" of him to believe he can go to Russia, where he has already been humiliated once and where he has indicated he will weasel again for small Ruskie favors, and gain ANY possible ground.

The problem with "The One" is he cannot fathom the Ruskies not playing by the "Ch-Caw-Gah" rule book.....Imagine the impertinence!

The Russians are already telling the pseudo-Frenchman, Obamassiah, tell us you give up, and then we'll talk.

So much for the possibility of humbling ourselves to be "accepted"....

Obama is delusional at the best....completely bonkers at the worst. You decide!


Tea Party - Part Deux!

I posted my thoughts on MSM ignoring the Tea Parties...& emailed Glenn Reynolds my feelings....


Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds, responded with lots of listings of sites reporting upon the Tea Parties....such as these.....

The New Jersey Real Time News

The Statesman

The 33

& He lists many more.....

The problem?...they are not MSM.

The MSM, Including FOX, have abandoned ANY notice of the Tea Parties!

The biggest protest in the last decades of this country is being ignored by the MSM...


Local reporting, while nice, avoids the impact of tens-of-thousands....perhaps hundreds-of-thousands protesting our current Congress and President and their economic impact upon us all.

It is not about SMALL media making an is about the MSM (FOX now for some reason included) ignoring these multitudes.

What-The-Heck is wrong with our media????

Glenn I am a bit surprised you do not notice the distinction between small local outlets covering the Tea Parties, and NONE of the MSM doing so.


Are You Better Off Than You Were Two Years Ago?

HughS at Wizbang offers focus....

The Lame Stream Media once again attempts to focus us on "It's all Bush's fault!" Even as the Democrat majority has already had 2 1/2 years in charge of the money and direction; the last 6 months with an uber-liberal/socialist President giving them absolute power.

Anyone else notice which way the country is headed? Biden has. He even admits The One's team misread the thing. He is wrong, of course. They did NOT misread it. They used the looming economic problems to launch their HUGE spending package under the guise of a "Stimulus" bill. The only thing stimulated so far are the hundreds or thousands of liberal pet projects included in the massive boondoggle.

& Unless we truly wake up, they ain't done yet!


Tea Party, What Tea Party.....Do You See A Tea Party?

The MSM has once again ignored the citizens of this country as they seek to drive their own agenda rather than cover the actual news of a grassroots movement that has ignited in hundreds of thousands enough excitement and conviction to bring them out onto the streets, squares, and parks of this country to protest the direction of the country.

Yesterday more than 600 tea parties were held in the nation. Times Square in New York was filled. In Texas 38,000 gathered at one event. Across the country thousands were gathered in hundreds of locations protesting spending, and the complete disconnect they see between the citizens of this country and the actual elected folk in Washington.

No speak of. Even FOX, the network which fully-covered last April's Tax Parties, is completely silent.

Here in Tampa the local Tampa Tribune, sticking to its liberal direction of the news instead of reporting the news, had no word about ANY Tea Party....not even the local ones including one in nearby Brandon. This was not because they had too much else to report. Page A1 was fully 1/3rd dedicated to the e-cigarette, complete with pictures and diagrams.

The people will be heard. But it will take a while before they gain the media attention by making themselves impossible to ignore!

We live in sad times, but there will be a light at the end of the tunnel the polls are showing.


THE FORCE....In New Politics!

The Force is Strong In Sarah Palin!

As I predicted, the MSM are chomping at the bit to take a few more shots at Saracuda, and also trying to take credit for halting her.


She has indeed made them look like the drooling liberal idiots they have become.



Saturday, July 04, 2009

Palin Plans to Move Toward Tea Party Territory!

O.K., I indicated in my 1st post on Palin's resignation HERE, I proposed Palin's run as a 3rd party person. Reflection gives me pause to reconsider. I believe she will utilize the disenfranchised Tea Party crowd (& it is becoming H-U-G-E!) as a base for her style of pit-bull aggressiveness to attack the mad spending by Obama and the DEM Congress...Reid/Pelosi et al.

At Dailypundit Bill Quick details how he views her next moves.

Not too far afield from what I said....but a heck of a lot more detailed. He still ties her to the GOP, albeit the far conservative side, more than I. He may well be correct, however my attendance at several local events and the voices I hear at Tea Party events across the country tell me the crowds are NOT interested in aligning with ANY EXISTING PARTY.

I truly feel Palin recognizes this and sees it as her best shot. Leaving the Governor's post also rids her of the pesky complaints filed against her which, while all baseless to this point, occupy her time and money.

This is one smart lady....I cannot wait to see her attack The One and his Congressional minions. What a HUGE & EASY target.

Now if the MSM will only report on her statements....that may be a bit much to expect! There is, however, the blogosphere.


Friday, July 03, 2009

Palin Clears The Air!

& we have a FORMER Governor in the race!

Sara Palin has announced she will step down as Alaska's Governor.

That should answer any questions about her intentions.....and coincidentally (not really) drive the liberal left into a feeding frenzy like a school of piranha. Palin is in it for 2012. That much is simple.

I love it. Gives us the opportunity to see how many new and pitiful hit pieces these foaming-at-the-mouth liberal idiots can develop. If you thought they were vicious previously, you ain't seen nothing yet. Now they will go into the famed liberal attack mode.

She'll be sleeping with her dog, not the REAL mother of her children, and so much more. The vicious left can be brutal in their evil thoughts.

These KOSacks of the left are going to be mad as hell that she would defy them and run in spite of their best efforts so far to mount a smear campaign way beyond any of their best Bushitler devices.

Now......allow me to pose a serious question.

Could the woman be headed toward a new 3rd party? One based off the MAD AMERICANS who this weekend will attend more than 600 Tea Parties? She is a bit of a maverick, and loves to tangle with the establishment. She seems to defy all of the traditional political logic of the DEMs and GOPs....

I'd not be surprised. I'd welcome it!

Palin for President! Has a nice anti-Obamassiah ring to it.

Go you girl!


Obama Opposes Honduran "Coup!

PERHAPS.....Just perhaps, Dear Leader PrezBo needs to read this piece BY THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR!

Please don't tell me Dear Leader is opposed to Democracy working!

OF COURSE HE IS.....(Surprised Liberals?) HE IS A SOCIALIST!!!!!


Two Views of Our Country...Not A Pretty Picture!

Shawn Mallow at Wizbang:

"The time we are in sickens me. Our representatives possess no qualities redeemable or virtuous. Politicians of our time have deviated from the path of righteousness. A path which their early predecessors left as a legacy for them to follow. One passed down from those who held a personal sense of philosophical integrity, and a deep belief in civic duty. I speak of those which once gave their very lives in pursuit of liberty, who were consumed with notions of goodwill, tempered with boundless wisdom and enthusiasm for the formation of a government worthy of a free people, exempt from fear and oppression.

These visionaries are gone. They are memories from an important past long since vanished, found only within the writings of history books, biographies, or marble statues. They are emulated by no one. The stark realities reveal today's politicians to be nothing more than deceitful, deviant creatures. Men and women in pursuit of corruptible power. In this quest of selfish purpose, they leave in their wake a path of hopeless ruination, using fear to promote a subversive agenda, spitting on the very cause for which greater men gave their all.

Yes, there are some very intelligent, insightful people in positions of political power. Most end up as uninspired policy wonks: Continually attempting to figure out how to beat the other at that which has become nothing more than a game of dull political wit and petty brinkmanship."

Shawn's entire post is HERE!

Meanwhile, from another angle our own "Little Duke", at his blog..."Where Is Galt?" ASKS..."When Will We Quit?"

Good reading....great thoughts and the questions and doubts address the growing resentment and dissatisfaction with the Beltway & PrezBo!


Take Me For A Ride In Your (Czar) Car?

Quick....before you read the below many Obama Czars are there? Trust me, you are not even close!

Mark Tapscott illuminates Obama's wierd fascination with appointing CZARs....

It is called micro-management???? Hard to tell. How can Obama even have time to talk or receive info from all of them?

Warning....Shy-Town hustle under way!


Hypocrisy by DEM-Leaning MSM?

Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds, asks the questions....

As Hansen noted, the difference between the treatment of the two is astounding. Only in liberal-left media circles would such occur.


Thursday, July 02, 2009

Yeah...This also occured to me.....

Just a little quiz:

Ed McMahon died last week. He was a great entertainer, but prior to his stage accomplishments he was a distinguished Marine Corps fighter pilot in WWII earning six Air Medals and attaining the rank of Colonel. He was discharged in 1946 and was later promoted to the rank of Brigadier General in the CA Air National Guard.

Farrah Fawcett died last week after a long career in Hollywood as an actress. After she was diagnosed with cancer, she became an activist for cancer treatment and devoted her last remaining years encouraging people to seek treatment. She documented her plight on film and used it to encourage others to stay positive and upbeat despite their diagnosis and suffering.

Michael Jackson died last week. He was perhaps one of the greatest singers of modern time. He will also be remembered for his eccentric lifestyle that included sleeping with a chimpanzee, living in a carnival-like atmosphere at Neverland, his fascination with Peter Pan, and his numerous masks and costumes. He also admitted to finding pleasure sleeping with young boys and paying out millions of dollars in settlements to the families of these boys despite being acquitted by a court on one allegation of sexual molestation.

QUESTION - Which of the above did the House of Representatives declare a moment of silence for on Monday? (Hint - It wasn't the first two.)

QUESTION - Which of the above's family received a personal note of condolence from President Obama?

(Hint - It wasn't the first two.)

Ask your Congressman about this and perhaps mail PrezBo a question about it as well.


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Deception to Achieve Socialized Medicine????

Consider this....

Obama & Friends are attempting to push through the "Green" bill. The house has approved it, of course, an emergency "must-act-now" bill (are not all Obama's bills emergency bills?)

Now to the Senate where the bill will languish and die an ugly death.

Perhaps it is all subterfuge to insure misdirection while the R-E-A-L goal....ObamaCare is passed after the loud and distracting victory melee of defeating the GW bill?

Nothing from THIS administration would surprise me!


ALL FOX....ALL The Time?

FOXNews has once again trounced the other cable guys.....this time, even more decisively!


The news channel that filters the news less, and offers more input from both sides is a runaway success. MSM & MSM(Cable) still ignore it as an anomaly!

Dive MSM, Dive! You are D-E-A-D!


The State of California (AIN'T GOOD!)

They flounder in debt, and as of today they issue IOUs to many.

Wizbang has details as the Golden State becomes the loser.

But their legislators blame it upon those GOP folk who will not, along with "The Schvartz" sign off on any more tax hikes.

These DEM legislators seem to find it incomprehensible that they should actually spend within their means!

What a unique concept.


At least "The Schvartz" and his GOP legislative colleagues are standing far!

There is hope for the great state of CALI-FORN-YA!



It is 101 in Politics.....

You WILL NOT read/hear it in the Antique (MSM) Media....


Soooooo....Just what is PrezBo's excuse (if he ever offers one....not likely)? That would be a sound bite.

Even Robert Gibbs could not spin this one!


p.s. I predict that Gibbs is going to get so fed up with this job that he will resign for "personal reasons" within the coming 6 months!

The Anointed One Performs A PERFECT FLIP!

Iranian take to the streets over alledged misconduct in vote counts/ballot box stuffing, etc.

The Obamassiah does not weigh in except to say he doesn't "meddle in the affairs" of other nations.

Honduras undergoes change when an elected official (The President) violates their laws...moving toward a dictatorship vis-a-vis removing the law about term limits...and Obamassiah is johnny-on-the-spot with open calls for his return to office and cries of "illegal coup."

Don't suppose "The Anointed" has plans for changing things here as far as term limits on the Presidency do you?

Just thinkin......despite the real difficulty in so doing....after all changing term limits for the Prez requires 2/3rds vote of House and Senate, and ratification by 2/3rds of the states.....That, my friends, is a mountain to climb over.


"Watch Dog Out - Lapdog In!"; The IG Saga Continues

Michelle Malkin is all over THIS RETIREMENT!

PrezBo & wife are no dummies....If there are no watch dogs, then NO PROBLEMS!

Fire/Retire/Threaten a few and the rest get the idea....either leaving or being stone-quiet!

Cha-Kaw-Gah politics at their best!

It is so transparent, but the Neal Boortz anointed "dumb-masses" don't get it!



Sotomayor's Position Denied By ALL 9 Supremes

The vote on the New Haven Ricci case was 5-4....However, the vote (via statements) was a clear 9-0 against Sotomayor's position.

This is the point of the opposition to Sotomayor's apparent racist views.



TonySopranoCare; or, Obama's 5 Biggest Healthcare Lies!

Shikha Dalmia outlines the overt lies Obama is using to further his complete socialization of healthcare in the USA.

The complicit MSM, never finding any fault or lie to anything Obama says, is adding to the lack of a public perception they are being led down a primrose path!

I begin to feel that Neal Boortz is completely correct when he states that "government education" has dulled our voter population down to the point they buy any pig-in-a-poke that seems to meet their perception of needs.

Canada's plan is in tatters; Great Britain is back-tracking quickly on theirs. In both places treatment is delayed/denied/or some variation thereof with regularity. Yet they are often held up as examples of success by the Obamaites who bliundly charge forward. Their lack of insight reminds me of the old saw about "my mind's made up, don't confuse me with facts!"

We, my friends, are in the midst of a sad, sad time for America. COME ON TEA PARTIES...produce that new 3rd party to tame the collective of assholes now in Washington.