Monday, July 13, 2009

Obama Administration/Dem Congress Reach A Major Milestone!

a Duke DeLand Creation!
At the end of June, for the 1st time E-V-E-R, the United States was $1.1 TRILLION DOLLARS in debt for the current fiscal year (beginning last October).

How's that for your Stimulating Porkapalooza?

The Obama plan is working, according to he and his very tired staff.

It just happens to work in reverse! BEEP-BEEP-BEEP....(That is the sound of the huge truck backing up to dump on we citizens of Obamaland!)

If you thought The One's ratings were already tanking...I have a feeling you ain't seen nothing yet! Well, that does suppose that media other than the blogosphere are actually going to report on this. We cannot be assured of that fact!