Friday, July 10, 2009

Obama O.K. With Health Care Rationing?????

For the unenlightened, eyes-shut-Obamassiah-believer that seems to be a shock! How could it be when his minions ALREADY SAID IT WAS!

The sheeple are awakening. Let me see. a)stay as we are or push for medicare/medicaid reform or, b) reform all health care and 1)ration according to age & cost and 2) hike the price so we ALL pay a lot more.

The thing the usual media culprits (MSM) fail to tell you about polls is that they DO indicate people want coverage for everyone, but ALSO the polls say people DO NOT want to pay for this.

I predict that unless some really, really profound changes are made in planned legislation (what is in the bill, by the way) there will be no such legislation passed this year, and The One has said if it does not pass this year it will not pass in his watch. O.K. by me! I am, after all, 66 and may want a new knee or hip in the next ten years. I am not ready for the pasture.