Monday, July 06, 2009

Double Down on Failure!

The old joke goes something like this: If I trucked sand into town and lost 50 cents a ton, I just buy a 2nd truck so i can haul more....

Yeah! That's the ticket! If our 1st stimulus failed (so far) miserably we just add another stimulus!

The Democrat party is edging in that direction, and the MSM and most liberals will eagerly drink this Kool-Aid.

The new regime has been wrong (That is W-R-O-N-G!!!) on everything to do with the economy, so they think if they simply double their mistakes it will all get better. The chart tells the tale of Democrat projections vs performance.

Slo Joe Biden's weekend announcement that "they" had misread the seriousness of the problem indicates they are about to once again trot out the "Bush left us worse than we thought" dog to justify Stimulus II.

Now the question is...will the public buy into it? They'll almost certainly be coerced by the MSM.

& Prior to this, or possibly as a smoke screen for this, the CAP & TAX legislation is rumbling along to provide us another fiscal disaster.