Sunday, July 05, 2009

Tea Party - Part Deux!

I posted my thoughts on MSM ignoring the Tea Parties...& emailed Glenn Reynolds my feelings....


Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds, responded with lots of listings of sites reporting upon the Tea Parties....such as these.....

The New Jersey Real Time News

The Statesman

The 33

& He lists many more.....

The problem?...they are not MSM.

The MSM, Including FOX, have abandoned ANY notice of the Tea Parties!

The biggest protest in the last decades of this country is being ignored by the MSM...


Local reporting, while nice, avoids the impact of tens-of-thousands....perhaps hundreds-of-thousands protesting our current Congress and President and their economic impact upon us all.

It is not about SMALL media making an is about the MSM (FOX now for some reason included) ignoring these multitudes.

What-The-Heck is wrong with our media????

Glenn I am a bit surprised you do not notice the distinction between small local outlets covering the Tea Parties, and NONE of the MSM doing so.