Friday, July 03, 2009

Palin Clears The Air!

& we have a FORMER Governor in the race!

Sara Palin has announced she will step down as Alaska's Governor.

That should answer any questions about her intentions.....and coincidentally (not really) drive the liberal left into a feeding frenzy like a school of piranha. Palin is in it for 2012. That much is simple.

I love it. Gives us the opportunity to see how many new and pitiful hit pieces these foaming-at-the-mouth liberal idiots can develop. If you thought they were vicious previously, you ain't seen nothing yet. Now they will go into the famed liberal attack mode.

She'll be sleeping with her dog, not the REAL mother of her children, and so much more. The vicious left can be brutal in their evil thoughts.

These KOSacks of the left are going to be mad as hell that she would defy them and run in spite of their best efforts so far to mount a smear campaign way beyond any of their best Bushitler devices.

Now......allow me to pose a serious question.

Could the woman be headed toward a new 3rd party? One based off the MAD AMERICANS who this weekend will attend more than 600 Tea Parties? She is a bit of a maverick, and loves to tangle with the establishment. She seems to defy all of the traditional political logic of the DEMs and GOPs....

I'd not be surprised. I'd welcome it!

Palin for President! Has a nice anti-Obamassiah ring to it.

Go you girl!