Sunday, July 05, 2009

Tea Party, What Tea Party.....Do You See A Tea Party?

The MSM has once again ignored the citizens of this country as they seek to drive their own agenda rather than cover the actual news of a grassroots movement that has ignited in hundreds of thousands enough excitement and conviction to bring them out onto the streets, squares, and parks of this country to protest the direction of the country.

Yesterday more than 600 tea parties were held in the nation. Times Square in New York was filled. In Texas 38,000 gathered at one event. Across the country thousands were gathered in hundreds of locations protesting spending, and the complete disconnect they see between the citizens of this country and the actual elected folk in Washington.

No speak of. Even FOX, the network which fully-covered last April's Tax Parties, is completely silent.

Here in Tampa the local Tampa Tribune, sticking to its liberal direction of the news instead of reporting the news, had no word about ANY Tea Party....not even the local ones including one in nearby Brandon. This was not because they had too much else to report. Page A1 was fully 1/3rd dedicated to the e-cigarette, complete with pictures and diagrams.

The people will be heard. But it will take a while before they gain the media attention by making themselves impossible to ignore!

We live in sad times, but there will be a light at the end of the tunnel the polls are showing.