Saturday, July 04, 2009

Palin Plans to Move Toward Tea Party Territory!

O.K., I indicated in my 1st post on Palin's resignation HERE, I proposed Palin's run as a 3rd party person. Reflection gives me pause to reconsider. I believe she will utilize the disenfranchised Tea Party crowd (& it is becoming H-U-G-E!) as a base for her style of pit-bull aggressiveness to attack the mad spending by Obama and the DEM Congress...Reid/Pelosi et al.

At Dailypundit Bill Quick details how he views her next moves.

Not too far afield from what I said....but a heck of a lot more detailed. He still ties her to the GOP, albeit the far conservative side, more than I. He may well be correct, however my attendance at several local events and the voices I hear at Tea Party events across the country tell me the crowds are NOT interested in aligning with ANY EXISTING PARTY.

I truly feel Palin recognizes this and sees it as her best shot. Leaving the Governor's post also rids her of the pesky complaints filed against her which, while all baseless to this point, occupy her time and money.

This is one smart lady....I cannot wait to see her attack The One and his Congressional minions. What a HUGE & EASY target.

Now if the MSM will only report on her statements....that may be a bit much to expect! There is, however, the blogosphere.