Saturday, July 11, 2009

That Dang LIGHT...The Light of WHAT-WE-DO!

NOT What we say/said....just WHAT-WE-DO!

Rex Murphy: "We've seen him in action for a bit more than six months. What we can say with confidence, now that we have the evidence of his actions, is that had he run on (a) transforming the U.S. economy by massive federal government intervention, (b) taking an owner's stake in the automobile industry, (c) transforming the rules of America's energy economy, (d) instituting a national health-care system - all of these simultaneously and in the center of a financial meltdown - Barack Obama wouldn't merely have lost the election, he wouldn't have got as many votes as gnarly old Ross Perot did in an election long past."

As Rex calls it....Obama on the flying trapeze!

This clod is stumbling....and frankly, I think he knew he would. Thus the "May Day, May Day" calls for immediate action on ALL his proposals.

He will find NO support beyond the point where the voting public find "Hope and Change" are really "Change To Socialism and Debt!"

There is no question that is his intent....there is no question that is his goal...there is only a chance for the public to awake and S=T=O=P the agenda.....

That is underway, but it may already be too late.