Sunday, July 12, 2009

THIS IS NOT A Scare Tactic.....BUT, You'd Better Read It And Understand!

Obama-Care May, indeed, threaten medical innovation....the benchmark of our Medical system!

My Father died at age 58....He had severe heart problems. He first had a serious heart attack at 47. We lived for 11 years with his problem (and three more serious heart attacks!). Today, what killed him (he died in 1978) would have been easily cured by today's progressive medicine!

The new Obama Care proposal will cut this type of development as Government N-E-V-E-R gives rise to private medical development. That involves the "PROFIT PRINCIPLE!" Government abhors private profit....thus funding for such solutions to health problems will disintegrate with ObamaCare!

Yes, it will.....then comes the "you're too old for this treatment" methodology of saving money! Lots of money!

I ain't ready to die for my government. I'd prefer the fact of private enterprise developing what I need to live into my 80s; 90s; 100s???? ObamaCare will kill off us oldsters.....unless we are Obama & his family; Congressional members; Senators & their families.....or others well-connected.

Do NOT be fooled by Obama's many charades about whom he is protecting. He is protecting his family. ALL else is Socialism.....NOT Creeping, but LEAPING!

He even admits he will not promise to let his family live ONLY under his medical plan.