Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Reality is An UGLY Thing!

Ed Morrissey, "Capt. Ed" to those of us who have known him for several years, has a fine look at the "TAX THE RICH TO PAY FOR HEALTHCARE" idea:

"This is part of the entire problem with the “progressive” tax system. It punishes people for success and is at its most basic a real consequence of a grievance mindset, in which life is a zero-sum game and winners “steal” from losers. As the economy itself has proven consistently, real wealth expands and standards of living increase for the entire population when capital is allowed to work in the markets. Soaking the rich reduces that capital and stymies the expansion of wealth and creation of new jobs. Government does not create wealth; it eats it, in some cases for good reason (national defense, for example) but too often for the kind of social engineering that inevitably makes matters worse.

Nowhere in the Democrats’ plan do they explain why 2.1 million Americans should have to pay to reform the health-care system for 300 million Americans, nor does the Post explain why 2.1 million Americans should have to pay for the massive deficits created by Democrats in Congress and Barack Obama. Both accept the notion that government exists to transfer wealth without explaining at all the basis for a free government to do so. If we need massive health-care reform, then the costs should be borne by everyone — and when that happens, you will find massive health-care reform to be a lot less popular than when Obama, Rangel, & Co try to pass it off as something for nothing."

That, my friends, is the beginning.....

There is MUCH MORE!!!!!

We, my friends, are in deep, deep doo doo!

This country is in deep doo doo!

This President is clueless as to reality; living instead in the Socialist world of "everybody helps everybody" to such an extent he finds any profit to be abhorrent!