Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ObamaCare: What's Not To Like?

Well, as long as you are a dyed-in-the-wool screaming liberal socialist!

The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) now reports it will cost us $1.04 TRILLION. & That is in the first few years only!

You will be, under provisions in at least one version, be coerced into joining or pay a FINE.

The Evil Rich will ALL be taxed at rates between 2% & 5.4%, depending upon their income level.

UNION PEOPLE will be exempt from paying since they "have" health care. (What about the 250 million of us who are not union and also have health care?)

The costs will soar, and the program will perform like, and be funded like SS & Medicare (why would this ONE program operate any differently than all the other programs run by our Imperial Government?)...poorly.

Lines are forming already for treatment.....if you don't queue up now, it will take forever when you actually get rich.

This program will kill our way of life. PERIOD. This government cannot even run existing programs and is in complete denial of the drowning of SS & Medicare in debt even as they add BILLIONS more in obligations.

Some tax figures for all planned programs to increase taxes on the "rich" (you know, those who actually create jobs and such) will place their load at more than 50%!

The USA has begun a death spiral if this passes! That is NOT A JOKE!