Wednesday, July 01, 2009

TonySopranoCare; or, Obama's 5 Biggest Healthcare Lies!

Shikha Dalmia outlines the overt lies Obama is using to further his complete socialization of healthcare in the USA.

The complicit MSM, never finding any fault or lie to anything Obama says, is adding to the lack of a public perception they are being led down a primrose path!

I begin to feel that Neal Boortz is completely correct when he states that "government education" has dulled our voter population down to the point they buy any pig-in-a-poke that seems to meet their perception of needs.

Canada's plan is in tatters; Great Britain is back-tracking quickly on theirs. In both places treatment is delayed/denied/or some variation thereof with regularity. Yet they are often held up as examples of success by the Obamaites who bliundly charge forward. Their lack of insight reminds me of the old saw about "my mind's made up, don't confuse me with facts!"

We, my friends, are in the midst of a sad, sad time for America. COME ON TEA PARTIES...produce that new 3rd party to tame the collective of assholes now in Washington.