Friday, July 24, 2009

Am I Missing Something?

"The president is "not familiar" with the bill. No one can explain how it will work yet, as Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md., told a contentious town meeting. There are various plans, and negotiations are still in the early stages.

But whatever it is, we should be for it.

Am I missing something?"

What IS the question, and WHY are we not being asked?

Thus we finally see the actual thing which is nudging the mind of ALL Americans....


What magical, mystical thing dictates that if we do not pass this still-unwritten bill IMMEDIATELY, the country will fail?

Why, after a stimulus of 787 BILLION DOLLARS to "FIX" the economy, is now the entire economy resting upon the passage of the healthcare thingee from Obama which he knows not the details of, and which the DEMs have not yet written...?????


It is that simple....

Because, if not passed now, it runs the risk of never being passed.

The Obama KEY legislation....(well, except for the stimulus and the cap and trade, and anything else he can dream up) now under fire.

In fact, it is D-E-A-D! Pelosi admits it....under duress from Reid who KNOWS it is dead....and both dump Obama who has never condescended to allow the Congressional minions to be a part of any decisions....except to write HIS bills!

The man is an exercise in overblown Chicago mentality.

We will now, hopefully, see his image altered forever.....Yes, the "Waterloo" statement was correct, even if I felt it should have never been made.