Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Mind Is Made UP....Don't Confuse Me With FACTS! - Part Deux!


He will talk to you as if he is....he will demonstrate flamboyant rhetoric which makes every effort to convince you he understands $$$$......He lies!

HughS @ WizBang tells the tale...

The problem is the public (nearly by a majority....but getting BETTER each week) are still in the class of "the Emperor believes he has clothes, so he must have clothes", well you know, as opposed to those who actually KNOW HE HAS NONE!

The coming week is crucial. We must keep pressure (phones/email) on GOP & Blue Dog folks who have some conception of the fiasco which Obama would visit upon us in the guise of "cutting costs"....

Additionally....We have to watch the GOP for signs of once-again collapsing and determining that half-a-loaf is better....thus caving to most of Obama's fiasco in return for dropping the other half (which Obama would later push thru a DEM Congress a add-ons!)

Make this a final nail in the coffin folks....not a temporary stay of sentence.