Thursday, July 28, 2005

Leahy Drinks The Same Kool-Aid as Byrd!

“Democrat would oppose activist” is the headline staring me in the face from my paper (The Times Union- Jacksonville) this morning. In an article from the AP, I find out that Judiciary Committee Democrat Patrick Leahy will vote against John Roberts if the Judge seems likely to pursue an “activist” philosophy.

And just what kind of activism was he talking about? According to Leahy, that would be the activism of Scalia and Thomas. That’s correct, they are “activists” because they have knocked down parts of the Violence Against Women Act, environmental acts and child safety legislation. Leahy says “ Scalia and Thomas have almost willy-nilly overruled things”

Let’s see if I have this straight. A SCOTUS Judge that rules a law or part of a law unconstitutional based on WHAT THE CONSTITUTION SAYS is an activist. A SCOTUS Judge that strikes down new “rights” discovered by lawmakers, but not allowed by our Constitution, is an activist.

A SCOTUS Judge that sites foreign law and the will of the people of the world isn’t an activist. A SCOTUS Judge that read the line “Congress shall make no law…” and then decides that Free Speech only applies to pasties on breasts, but not political speech isn’t an activist.

He went on to say that “Any SC nominee who doesn’t agree that Roe vs. Wade is established legal precedent would have difficulty getting confirmed.” Does the Senator wish to ponder how stupid that statement would sound if you take out Roe vs. Wade and insert Dred Scott? …. “Any SC nominee who doesn’t agree that Dred Scott is established legal precedent would have difficulty getting confirmed.” How pathetic.

I’m sorry Senator Leahy, but you are not qualified to be Scalia or Thomas’s dog washer and you embarrass the people of Vermont with this kind of rhetoric.

Lil Duke

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Borders/Auxiliaries/Volunteers - Conflicting Attitudes?

Here I am, retired as a National Staff Officer, United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, and never did it occur to me the connection that is made at The Immigration Blog. The opposite positions of our administration/government to volunteers related to port/harbor/water safety vs that of volunteers for land-based borders.

Spot On!

I spent hundreds of hours as a USCGA Coxswain (aboard my own beloved flybridge sportfisher "Reality" & with a highly-trained crew of two-three additional Auxiliarists) patrolling the Port of Tampa and other smaller port areas in Tampa Bay. Our charge was to observe for the less-than-terror-oriented spills, leakages, etc. AND to observe strange and/or unusual activities such as ships being met by smaller vessels, people aboard vessels who seemed out-of-place, people sneaking ashore, etc.

When we operated we were issued orders by the Coast Guard, and operated under their uniform, and with identifying flags/signs on our vessel. There was no mistake about our connection to the Coast Guard!

We were, as the land-based volunteers along the Mexican borders, operating sans police powers. We were watchers and observers. Infractions and/or strange events prompted a radio call for full-time "Coasties" to intervene! They carried the authority & the weapons.

How different is this from the efforts of the land-based volunteers? Well, the only thing lacking is a spot of training and some identifiable uniforms, etc. I am sure these pilots/volunteers are as observant as were we.

I'd like an explanation from Mr. Bush as to why this would be different....oh, I am sorry, I forgot the fact only cheap labor comes across the Mexican border....Yeah! Right!

Thanks for the eye opener Immigration Blog!

Duke of DeLand, BC-MSN, USCGA, Ret.

Hanoi Jane morfs into "Baghdad Jane!"

The gall of some people....the obliviousness to the real world.

Jane Fonda is now going to tour the USA in opposition to the Iraq War!

Her tour, beginning in March of 06, will be aboard a vegetable oil powered bus...

I have opened a blog to respond.....

Check out: Fonda Hating Her!

Linked to other blogs reporting on the "veggie tour" as I am calling are welcome to join in comment or link to the blog.


Monday, July 25, 2005

A Fisking He Will Go!

The NYT once again deserves the Fisking; and, Vodka Pundit delivers.

What a complete surprise to see the NYT in this mode, and Green's clear statement about understanding lack of believability in the media is spot on!

I am rapidly moving to the opinion that the MSM knows why they are not believed and they just don't give a damn!


Those Who Live In Glass Houses!

I read over the weekend that none other than John Kerry wants the White House to release all of the confidential documents he wrote while working as a counsel in two Republican administrations. He wants them released "In their entirety". This guy is becoming as funny and ludicrous as Al Gore. I believe we are still waiting for Kerry’s military records, aren’t we? (NOTE from Duke: Kerry released, through a 180, the Navy record of his service...a partial listing of the entire records which are not held by the Navy. & even then he allowed only two sources, friendly to him, to have access and those sources have not even released all of that information) I’m sorry, but this is a non issue. Just a chance to get some face time for Kerry. I don’t know how he can make this request with a straight face, but he is a Democrat. Besides the ridiculousness of the request maker, the very idea of the request is unconstitutional. All branches of Government are supposed to be equal. That means Congress can’t force the Executive Branch to hand over any papers. I’m sorry, there will be no constitutionally allowed subpoenas and the Dems know it. Just trying to make some political points. John Roberts will be confirmed. Wether that’s a good thing for Constitution fans like me remains to be seen, but I have hope.

Lil Duke

Friday, July 22, 2005

Duke's "Almost Famous" Baby Back Ribs...

If you find better, let me know......

Here it is:

Take Baby Back Ribs......10 pounds is a good number.......

Place them in an aluminum pan and add Spanish MoJo (Mo-Ho) sauce......enough to cover the bottom of the pan...and soak the ribs as you pour it on!

Cover with aluminum foil tented!

In an oven of 325 degrees let them bake for 45-60 minutes, and then open the pan and rotate them so the ribs are exposed on all sides (& use a baster to re-cover the ribs) this for three cycles, and then check their "doneness" by sticking them with a table fork....if it passes thru, they are done....if not, they need another 45 minutes.

When completed, they can be refrigerated for 7-10 days.....

To finish:

Combine your favorite BBQ sauce.....mine is half-in-half: Kraft sauce and Bullseye sauce.....but you can combine I do.....with anything that is your favorite!

Coat the ribs on the grill (I cut them into sections of 4-5 ribs each.....), several times as you turn them. They are already tender, they just need a coating!


Duke of DeLand

Update: Thanks Carnival of The Recipes for the listing of not one, but three of our pages....
Duke and Lil Duke wish all our visitors well, and please "Explore" our site.....comment and let us know what YOU think!

Check this week's Carnival (#50):


Terrorism 101 - Let them all read this!

The finest, bar none, description of the entire terrorist struggle, and the bias of the entire terrorist propaganda war, re: Isreal, is covered so very eloquently by David......

Read it: In this post...

It is enlightening, and gives away the Palestinian "lies" and subversion of funding.....


Thursday, July 21, 2005

Ill! Not sure what!

Been really dragging for the past two days and busy training a new fellow at work which demands a lot.

Will be back at it soon!


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Let the GAMES Begin!

As stated earlier, the games are going to be here.....they are going to dominate the MSM for many weeks to SCOTUS Nominee.....

& The fact is they will deliver a "welcome?" relief from the Plame-Blame thingee....

Check out Capt. Ed on his view here.

As usual Captain's Quarters has it together.....

I, being firmly without knowledge of the candidates for SCOTUS, find that I feel Bush will provide a Surprise!

Maybe, maybe not.....we shall know in a few hours!

Love it ALL....

& will love it all as the Dems try early on to cast aspersions on ANY candidate!

It is their goal, and their right....BUT their "filibuster" of anyone will negate the entire "camp of 14" position, and open the events to the direction of GOP victory they should already have enjoyed!

Let us see!


Monday, July 18, 2005

Dems as Socialists....

Posted on behalf of Lil Duke......

On Cavuto over the weekend (FOX News), democratic strategist Bob Beckel was participating in a panel discussion about The recent SCOTUS decision on eminent domain. I did not catch the entire discussion but I did hear him defend the decision with the following analogy. He said New London was a city on the verge of "going under". Their tax base was too low to allow for Fire Department, Police Department or other basic services. He then said If you could have saved the Titanic by throwing a few people overboard, would you have? I am paraphrasing. How scary that this is how Democrats think. What Beckel is implying is that our "inalienable rights" are really just at the whim of our government rulers. How sad that Beckel and his kind really believe that our "rights" are given to us by the grace of the government.
This just proves to me that we are truly in a fight for our very existence and it is a two front war. On one side we have Islamic terrorists and on the other, we have Democrat Socialists. Of the two, I think the Socialist are far more dangerous. They are the unknown enemy. Terrorists can kill us, maybe many of us. They can destroy a great amount of property. What they can’t do is to destroy our way of life. Only these Socialists can do that by allowing further and further erosions to our constitution. Make no mistake, the next Supreme Court nomination is extremely important. This must stop.
As most of you already know, I am a Libertarian. The war on terror has driven me more to the Republicans and I go back and forth. I know that the majority of rank and file Democrats do not see themselves as dangerous, but I urge them to take a look at where their party is taking them lest the greatest experiment known to man does not go the way of the dodo.
Lil Duke

ADDON: The thing here, son, is that the Dems have, for years, advocated that the theory of "Government giveth and Government Taketh Away" is always applicable. They have never met a social tax they could not love......

Sad, but true.....


Sunday, July 17, 2005

Tiger-Tiger, Burning Bright!

He's Baaaaack!

Hell, he never left!

He was victim, for a couple of years of the MSM's "lets create a hero of unbelievable proportions" mentality!

Now he IS a hero of unbelievable proportions......One still short of his prime by golf age-standards. He is still left with perhaps 15-20 years AT-A-MINIMUM as the sports' premier player.

What records can he pile up? What new standards can he set that were the standards spoken of Jack Nicklaus, and now must be appended to accommodate Tiger?

A "Passing of the Flag", indeed!

I love Tiger's golf, and I just sit and chuckle every time he does not win and the "sky-is-falling" group of commentators set in.

Would that Jones, Nicklaus, Hagan, et al had been subjected to such demands......

The MSM (Sports Branch) seem to feel he has to win EVERY week, if he is to be legendary....

Axxhats! He ALREADY IS legendary!

Go Tiger.......and do what you do so well.....ignore the press idiots and play your game, doing what you feel has, after all, given you the edge on ALL of golfdom so far and shows no signs of diminishing!


It's Another "Rove-A-Dope"!

Yep! The entire Rove-Plame-Wilson bruhaha.....

That is the newest item, and among many bloggers of note the idea is actually being looked at seriously, not at all the joke you'd expect.

If you want to make a one-stop concentrated effort to keep up-to-date on the entire subject, you need to visit Instapundit who, as usual, has it all.

For my part, it is again the central theme of the Loony Left.....find a small thing; any small thing; and then beat it to death if it seems to discredit Bush or a Bush team player.

The primary problem for the Dems/Loony Left is that each and every attempt at discrediting has blown up in their face. Meanwhile the Left continues to achieve nothing except an image coming more clear each day of a Chicken-Little-like level of comprehension, and their calls for resignations, charges, etc. are heard more and more as "the sky is falling, the sky is falling."

It is, however, entertaining as hell.


Saturday, July 16, 2005

Potter Mania!

I am....I just knew it!

Want to Get Sorted?
I'm a Ravenclaw!


Friday, July 15, 2005

Jack Nicklaus Retires from Active Competition!

He Never Looked Back! Posted by Picasa

In his usual classy style, Jack waved behind him as he left the 18th at the Olde Course at St. Andrews today......he left with a final hole Birdie!

A Legend of the not likely to be eclipsed, although perhaps equaled and even exceeded by Tiger, this man is known world-wide in golf circles, and leaves a trail for younger golfers to emulate!

A salute to you, Jack, on this YOUR DAY!


One YEAR Later!!!!!

Happy Birthday to my blog,

Happy Birthday to my blog.

Happy 1st year anniversary!

Happy Birthday to my blog!

REALLY hard to believe it has been a year! Of course, I did little for several fact, I believe the election and the blasts of coverage over that event occupied most of my blog thru November.

Here is the 1st message....

I sent it July 15, 2004.

Man, where does a year go. I have got to slow down at work and begin getting a lot more serious about this thing!

Thanks to Instapundit, Captain Ed at CQ, and Hugh...all of whom mentioned us at least once with a link in this year.

We (Lil Duke & I) pledge to get more active and spend more time here....


Duke & Lil Duke

Thursday, July 14, 2005

They are WITH US! - MSM Yawns!

Iraqi People Against Terrorism! Posted by PicasaYou see the actual here!

However, you do not see the demonstrations in the so-called MSM (Main Stream Media). For them it is two things......something that undermines the continuing thesis of Iraq is failing, and also it brings an opposing view to the forefront.

What is really neat is the MASSIVE effort being expended by the MSM to cover their own tracks and limit the results of any positive story!

What is even more amazing is the fact that the general public recognizes the MSM's lack of true reporting, and still the MSM maintains their efforts and scratches their collective head, wondering why they are so LOW on the polls of believeability!

Amazing folks the MSM...deaf, dumb, and still wondering why they are not worshipped!

He He


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

HOCKEY LIVES! - Hopefully!

The announcement has just been players and owners have reached a deal...

I don't care about the details......maybe now we can right a BIG wrong against the Tampa Bay Lightning.....

The wonderful team that won the Stanley Cup......right here in little Tampa....a sub-tropical city.

Last year no hockey happened, and we never got the recognition and the celebration of hockey that comes to Stanley Cup towns.

Of course, the sad part is, even with this year's delayed celebration, there will be about a 50% or more change in our roster due the delay, and much will have changed in hockey across the board. Reminds me of the baseball strike many years ago. I didn't follow baseball for years afterward!

What a waste!


UPDATE: Fraters Libertas, a drunk bunch of Minnesota swine who actually believe they know about hockey, have also given a brief nudge to the resolution of the hockey problem....right here. I only mention them as they are truly drunken denizens of one of my fave sports venues.......Hockey, not Tampa.....

These guys would melt in Tampa....faster than our ice when the electricity fails!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

There will be a NUCLEAR Option!

The times dictate it will be so!

The Democrats "leap" into the fray; MUCH before there was a fray.....

The Dems idea that the nomination of a Supreme must be "approved by the Minority" is so VERY, VERY, sick as to represent their continuation of the solid exposure of Dems as the party of the minority!

They wish to lay claim to being an intergral part of ANY activity of the GOP; the President; etc.

Man are these guys living in borrowed space!


Monday, July 11, 2005

Not all Muslims are Terrorists!!

Amazing item! Posted by Picasa

Not all, perhaps, not many........let us enjoy the many who support us!


Michael Schiavo, Victim....

Usually liberal columnist Daniel Ruth, in today's Tampa Tribune, gets it right about the efforts to vilify Michael Schiavo by some MSM idiots without scrupple #1!

Read it:

One, Just One Scruple Would Be Nice To See

DANIEL RUTH Published: Jul 11, 2005

Now? Finally, now, at last?
Moments after he was acquitted on public corruption charges in 1987, Raymond Donovan, who had been forced to resign as the secretary of labor under Ronald Reagan, asked a simple but deafening question. ``What office do I go to to get my reputation back?'' Donovan inquired.

Michael Schiavo could well make the same plea.

After years of being vilified on the nation's airwaves by the likes of Glenn Beck, a Father Coughlin- lite only without the puckish sense of humor, and Sean Hannity, who makes the Bowery Boys' Leo Gorcey look like the archbishop of Canterbury, Michael Schiavo has been accused of being a wife beater, a murderer and a gold digger.

Why? Simply because he wanted to honor his brain-dead wife Terri's wishes not to be kept alive in her vegetative state.

Blabbering Class

And for that, Schiavo was branded as the Simon Legree of the so-called right-to-life movement, as well as the likes of Beck and Hannity, the Odai and Qusai of the AM talk radio dial.
Last month, Michael Schiavo was owed an apology from the radio storm troopers of the blabbering class when Pinellas-Pasco Medical Examiner John Thogmartin, who performed the autopsy on Terri Schiavo, confirmed Beck and Hannity had been wrong on EVERYTHING associated with the Terri Schiavo case in their efforts to smear her husband.

Contrary to the faux wailings of Beck and Hannity, Thogmartin confirmed Terri Schiavo indeed was lingering in a vegetative with zero hope of recovery.

Now, you would think that after having been exposed as the phony witch burners of the Arbitron ratings that they are, Beck and Hannity, the oberfuehrers of disingenuousness, would be men enough to admit they had treated Michael Schiavo as their own personal Abu Ghraib of mass communications.

Naw, that would have required a - scruple, just one.

Never Mind

Instead, devotees of the urban myth that Terri Schiavo was merely suffering from indigestion persuaded Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who has become the Renfield of the Christian right, to do its bidding one more time.

And thus, Bush asked Pinellas- Pasco State Attorney Bernie McCabe to conduct an inquiry of whether Terri Schiavo's collapse 15 years ago was the result of criminal conduct by Michael Schiavo.

Never mind Thogmartin found no evidence of abuse of Terri.

Never mind numerous Department of Children and Families investigations and 15 years of court proceedings had found no evidence of physical abuse of Terri.

So for the past several weeks, Michael Schiavo had to endure yet one more review of his conduct the morning his wife collapsed.

And once again, as McCabe's final report to Bush indicated, no evidence - zippo - could be found to suggest Michael Schiavo was in any way responsible for his wife's medical condition.
By any standard of Christian mercy, by any standard of civility, by any standard of justice, Michael Schiavo finally deserves an apology from all the right-wing politicians who treated Terri Schiavo as a fundraising prop and the likes of Beck and Hannity, who thought nothing of destroying a man's life, his reputation.

Which brings to another question first asked 51 years ago, which is just as valid for Beck and Hannity, two sad, little men, to answer.

It was Joseph Welsh who confronted Sen. Joe McCarthy during the Wisconsin thug's dubious communist witch hunt hearings.

``I think I never gauged your cruelty or your recklessness,'' Welsh said. ``Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?''

McCarthy had no answer.
Neither do Beck and Hannity.


Saturday, July 09, 2005

Hot Time in Tampa.....& Wet Too!

Duke and Dutchess have been gone a good bit for the last few days.......

Wednesday returned from the hospital (where we work) to find house at 84 degrees inside. 9:30pm visit from repairman determined blown compressor! Thursday afternoon it was 90 inside......feels like here has been running 105-110 degrees.

Ordered the part Thursday morning. It came in Friday afternoon. They were supposed to install today in the PM.......we just had gusts to 55 mph and tornado warning from Dennis backwash! Guess it will be Monday before we get the AC back.....Only good thing......full parts and labor warrantee!

I went out and bought a small window unit and am carrying it back and forth......bedroom at night and living room in the day. Too hot in computer room to be here much. Living room tolerable during the day; bedroom nice at night.

Ah home ownership.....ain't it wonderful?

Duke (sweat - sweat)

UPDATE: The storm has given us a few gusts up to 55 mph.....LOTS of rain, and continues this morning. However, my thoughts and prayers turn now to the folks from Mobile 50-60 miles each side. Dennis is now Cat 4 and 145 mph......Mobile is LOW and there will be a giant surge up Mobile Bay....I hope all are safe and out of harms way! You can keep up to date with a blog by Brenden Loy. (HT Instapundit)

Friday, July 08, 2005

Schiavo Investigation (#2300) - Nothing Wrong!

I am sorry!

I am sorry the folks in power (read: Gov and Pres Bush, Bill Frist, Sen. Martinez, and several hundred others) did not acknowledge the fact that MANY courts have followed the Terri Schiavo case for YEARS!

Today another attempted smear-for-placating-the-rabble by Gov Bush has ended as ALL of the others ended......NO PROBLEMS!

The special effort by our good Governor Bush to "investigate" the possibility of wrongdoing in the Michael Schiavo handling of the phone and other things when Terri 1st fell.....ended in a report:


The problem is this has been:


for 15 years!!!!!!

NEVER has there been a finding of culpable negligence in this case!


Folks, this is a travesty of justice for both political and media purposes which is astounding by any measure!

I am ashamed to say I am a taxpayer in the area where it all occurred and "WE" funded this idiocy!


Misguided Interpretation!

The terrorists who yesterday created a furor in London continue to be the folks who seem to be completely lacking in the area of understanding the results of their acts.

The apparent belief they harbor is "If we bomb and kill and surprise them, they will fold!"

The reality escapes them.

In Spain a completely surprise combination of imminent voting, confusion about what happened in the attack, and several other factors combined to give the terrorists an apparent victory. I still feel the message sent by the Spaniards was erroneous. I think the voters were saying, in effect, "You, the party in power, let us down!" Thus the negative vote which the liberal faction felt was an endorsement of the group opposed to ANY Spanish soldiers being in Iraq.

They terrorists quite obviously did not anticipate that George Bush would react so solidly, so swiftly, and so powerfully to their actions of 9-11.

Yesterday they underestimated the English. They heard the many opponents of Blair/Bush, et al as they expounded upon their interpretation of the Iraq war as wrong, and felt they would drop another supporter.

They VASTLY underestimated the English.

The resolve coming from yesterday will unite the Brits in a common cause they already recognize!

Given the few dissenters (Galloway) who speak the opposite way, they may try to grab solice there.....but a thorough review of the Brits signs, media publications, and action...speaks much more loudly of how the terrorists have United the Brits in a cause not seen since the German bombings of WWII.


Thursday, July 07, 2005

"We Have Your Back!"

Captain's Quarters has the info from Dafydd......USA Supports The Brits.....OF COURSE!

Check it out....HERE!

It is Still ALL Good! Posted by Picasa

The comparisons; the relationships; and, the positive review of how the Brits will react are all DEAD ON!

Yes, we have a few Brits who will turn tail and run....most are already labeled as Islamofascist supporters........

However, the general public will be as strong and as dedicated as the Brits of WWII!

I promise this will happen!


Arrested for "Stealing" A WiFi Signal?

A St. Petersburg, FL man has been arrested for using an unprotected WiFi signal to access the internet. I find this absurd......

Read AP's story.....

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Police have arrested a man for using someone else's wireless Internet network in one of the first criminal cases involving this fairly common practice.
Benjamin Smith III, 41, faces a pretrial hearing this month following his April arrest on charges of unauthorized access to a computer network, a third-degree felony.
Police say Smith admitted using the Wi-Fi signal from the home of Richard Dinon, who had noticed Smith sitting in an SUV outside Dinon's house using a laptop computer.
The practice is so new that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement doesn't even keep statistics, according to the St. Petersburg Times, which reported Smith's arrest this week.
Innocuous use of other people's unsecured Wi-Fi networks is common, though experts say that plenty of illegal use also goes undetected: such as people sneaking on others' networks to traffic in child pornography, steal credit card information and send death threats.
Security experts say people can prevent such access by turning on encryption or requiring passwords, but few bother or are unsure how to do so.
Wi-Fi, short for Wireless Fidelity, has enjoyed prolific growth since 2000. Millions of households have set up wireless home networks that give people like Dinon the ability to use the Web from their backyards but also reach the house next door or down the street.
It's not clear why Smith was using Dinon's network. Prosecutors declined to comment, and a working phone number could not be located for Smith.

One problem which becomes apparent reading the above is......the authorities have no clue what WiFi is or can do. They fail to grasp the fact the user is NOT able to enter the computers on the network...but instead is simply accessing the internet.

I believe this case could have some major implications for those who wonder onto other nets as they drive/fly/move about.


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

BULLETIN-BULLETIN!!!!! - Another Desecrated Koran!

Oh Boy!, you JUST KNEW it was gonna happen........another Koran desecrated......burned, and left as a hate crime! (Just ask CAIR!)..........

But wait, .......what?????

No, can't be true.....BUT if Michelle Malkin reports it.....

Then it must be true.

Heh Heh!

You just have to L-O-V-E this stuff!


Monday, July 04, 2005

Dial Justice from Lost Liberty Hotel

From the editorial page of the Tampa Tribune today, Independence Day, comes this reflection:

The weaknesses of two recent Supreme Court decisions are illustrated by two pranks that, in light of the court rulings, aren't funny at all.

After the court ruled that towns could force anyone to give up property if the town had a better use for it, a plan was announced to make Justice David Souter sell his New Hampshire home to developers who would build the Lost Liberty Hotel on the site.

"The Towne of Weare has five people on the Board of Selectmen," said Los Angeles resident Logan Darrow Clements. "If three of them vote to use the power of eminent domain to take this land from Mr. Souter, we can begin our hotel development."

Souter, who voted with the majority in the case, would surely resist, but he could no longer object on constitutional grounds.

In another case, the court tried to explain how displays of the Ten Commandments on public property are sometimes OK and sometimes an illegal promotion of religion. The conservative Family Research Council suggests that the Supreme Court set up a toll-free number to tell callers which displays of the Ten Commandments are constitutional.

The court might want to start thinking about this issue: Can a private hotel built for public use, after a sale forced by elected officials, display the Ten Commandments in the lobby?

Makes ya wonder, doesn't it?


Happy 4th of July

From Day By Day Cartoon Posted by Picasa

Searching for the right thing to post in simple picture/language this magnificent sunny Independence Day 2005, and of course stopped by at Chris Muir's Day By Day Cartoon site. As this sez it all quite nicely....I had to place it here and salute both he USA & Chris, one of my favorite online folks!

Little Duke and I actually had our say about Independence Day on the 2nd....right here...using Michelle Malkin's lovely flag pic.

May you and yours have a wonderful 4th!


Sunday, July 03, 2005

How Better to Celebrate Independence Day?

....than to expose a missing piece of the historical package that is the USA.....the open, unbiased MSM which Reports News and avoids bias!

Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters takes a good look at what's wrong thru the rehash of an op-ed in the pages of one of the most-biased newspapers today...
Check it out!

I begin to get the feeling the MSM knows now there is a real problem but cannot figure out...or more likely...does not want to figure out what is really wrong!

Financial forces will eventually push them to face the music....if they are still around. I am not sure a number of them can continue to survive with a lemming-like devotion to 3 1/2 more years of Bush-bashing!


Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Red, White & Blue!

What It Is ALL About! Posted by Picasa

This, the holiday weekend, serves to remind us of our heritage and our reason for being as the Strongest, most-free, and most productive nation in the history of the world!

Thanks to Michelle Malkin for the above picture which should give pause for all of us to review our place as a nation.

Today too much vitriolic messaging is about. Too many seem to want to forget our heritage, and seek to make us "cosmopolitan world" members.


WE are the most successful social experiment in the history of mankind!

WE are the nation doing more for the world (BILLIONS of Dollars, military protection, etc.) than any other nation has ever pretended to do!

WE are the nation to have freed and developed a preliminary form of Democracy in several nations (formerly dictatorships, suppressing people's rights and killing millions!) within the past three years.....all this following the most dastardly deed done to this country in its history! How appropriate that we reacted by freeing enslaved populations!


We celebrate this weekend the origin of this great experiment in freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! We celebrate our troops now making democracy possible for millions of formerly-suppressed human beings.

& I must add, we do so in spite of a liberal left-wing organization of out-of-step, out-of-sync, and out-of-touch people who continue to yell, shout, obstruct and demean our achievements. It is well that the voters of this great country recognize their shortcomings!

Have a Magnificent Independence Day, and enjoy a reflection on our origin, as well as a tributory time for our military, serving as this is written, in hostile lands!

Duke & Little Duke

Friday, July 01, 2005

Just a memory & a test!

Blue Ridge Test Posted by Picasa

Installing Hello for remote use and testing while enjoying some reflective moments on many past visits to the magic of the Blue Ridge area.


O'Conner Steps Down from SCOTUS

Sandra Day O'Conner, 75, and the 1st woman Supreme Court member has stepped down from her associate justice post.

Monday, when the Kelo decision was howling through the blogosphere I posted that the decisions (still anticipating at least one more to step down) would begin this weekend...HERE.

Now...the GOP better get their ducks in a row and MAKE things happen. O'Conner was one associate with whom I usually agreed.


UPDATE: Wish I could phrase it like Hugh Hewitt does.....Justice O'Connor's retirement will unleash the long brewing battle over the Supreme Court, and though I have often been disappointed with her decisions, before the battles get underway over her successor, she deserves thanks and recognition for more than two decades of service as a pioneering jurist and incredible professionalism in the public eye. She will always be the first woman to have served on the Court, and it is unlikely that she will ever be surpassed in terms of graciousness and "judicial temperment."

UPDATE2: Little Duke adds some comments on the process and the possibles...

Let the games begin!

With Sandra Day O’Connor’s retirement, we will now see the battle over Judicial nominations come to a head. This could be the biggest fight yet. I, for one, am looking forward to it. Will Bush nominate who he wants? Will he cave and nominate someone the Dems would call "more moderate"? Will the Republicans suddenly grow a set? Will the 14 keep to the agreement they made or will the Dems in that group call anyone this side of Howard Dean "extreme"?

I think this is the time for GW to step up and make the Liberals show their true colors. Force them be the obstructionists we all know them to be. It’s time for Americans to see them for what they are. I look forward to Hillary trying to look mainstream while opposing anyone Bush nominates. I want desperately to see how angry liberals become as Bush advocates someone who actually has read the Constitution and understands it means what it means.

The next few months should be fun as long as Republicans remember they won the last few elections and they are the majority in Congress. Go GW!

Little Duke