Tuesday, January 31, 2012

AG Holder looking at OBSTRUCTION Charge from Issa...

Read it and know the AG is in deep doo doo!

Love it!


How much of this is true????

The possibles are real....I hope it is not true, but in my heart know it is!

This leaves us all in a land of DEM/GOP control and ever-increasing spending leading to a default and then denial by both that they were involved!


Are You Watching?????

Obama is lying to you!!!!!

The problem is HUGE!!!!

Vote People!!!!

In The primaries, and the November Election.....Change the disaster into a possible solution.


Tea Party Media Coverage Less-Than-Truthful!

The above is, of course, no surprise to any in the know. (Note: I am an active Tea Party supporter!)

When the Tea Party started the media ignored it

They grudgingly covered it as rabble-protest by limited groups of folks. They compared it to other types of gatherings.....all the while ignoring the fact the Tea Party protests were non-violent, and they always left their meeting/rally places clean and undamaged (check some occupy footage of their filth and deprivation).

Now the new media battle cry is.....the Tea Party is dead.

I suspect the media and liberals....and even the GOP regulars...are VASTLY missing the Tea Party folk and their dedication to ideals!


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Obama Once Again Kills US Economy....

The man knows no end to the string of failed economic efforts......

Loan Brazil Truckloads of money to develop their oil fields......and CHINA to get the bulk of the oil, NOT THE US!

THE MAN IS KILLING OUR ECONOMY!.....Amateur at the Helm!

November is a critical month in the continuation of this country....Obama has to go!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012



I did....Sooooo, We will do nothing against UN funding, no matter what they do?????

Strength to character......love it!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Man Warren......

Sooooo President Obama had another, at first invisible, reason to turn down Keystone Pipeline.....HELLO WARREN BUFFETT!!!!

Say Warren, why don't you send the wife along to sit with Michelle for the State of The Union???

Ever-attentive to those who produce for him, that Obama!


Monday, January 23, 2012

No Problem....Cause WE Are The DEMs/President!

1,000 days without a mandated-by-law budget presented by the DEM Senate. Now, 3 of 4 years PrezBO Obama has violated the law by not presenting HIS budget on time.....

Biggest question I have is where are the GOP?????? Why not an investigation/charges????

Damn....we are a rudderless country with idiots in charge, and more idiots representing the GOP doing NOTHING!!!!




The Transparent DEM comments on Mitt/Newt/et al...

The DEM "spinners"....including most-obviously the sharp-tongued, moustachioed purveyor of pure DEM spin....(Come on you can name him!)....are utilizing their obfuscation to the nth degree to try to shape PrezBO's opponent.

Most of their drivel has been fairly harmless. They spin Romney as the "certain" winner....mostly because they wish to have him as "Obama-Lite" for the Chosen One's opponent.

A loud, challenging, knowledgeable fellow like Newt is instantly trashed. Behind the scenes these DEM operatives are silently working to find something that will transform "Mr. TelePrompter" into a person who can actually debate against a live person who will unveil the daggers.

I predict that if Newt wins, and faces Obama there will be a temper tantrum or two by the PrezBO before it is all over. Newt will find the soft spot and attack.

I eagerly anticipate it!


p.s. I voted in Florida today for Newt!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

& The Timig For This Is?????

Let me see.....Gingrich has been in the hunt for months, and suddenly this bimbo steps forward.....???

I am less-than-impressed!


Obama's Worst Decision????

It is certainly among the worst.....

The pipeline was already studied to death, and passed the most stringent tests....;well, until PrezBO decided we had not studied to death yet!


Politics as Usual....But Why Now???

Romney won Iowa by a narrow margin....but OOPS!!!!

Guess which state has "revised" their "final" count????

I just love the political references, and counts.....When is a count a count?


One Economy Sector Booming Due President Obama!

Yeah, and you would come up with it given a few minutes....

The Gun/Firearms Manufacturing business!

I hereby officially thank PrezBO for this....I do, however find that the man with the ego big enough to feel he can deliver an Olympics just by his presence, is rather silent about this growing portion of the economy.



Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sen. Reid Howling At The Moon!

Ah yes, Mr. Reid, this qualifies as a real howler...IN EVERY WAY!

I just love your knowledge and cooperation, sir. Say for instance the 27 Bills now laying on your desk...all passed by the house...and none of which you will allow to come up for consideration in your Senate Mr. Speaker. If cooperation and "getting along" is so high with you DEMs, then I suggest you actually consider some of the pending legislation instead of taking to the stump with such drivel.

Then there is the matter of a budget....You remember those, they used to be an event dealt with by Congress. Well, until you took charge.

If not for the fact you have effectively worked with this President to halt the economy of this country, it would truly be a laugh.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Hope and Change.....Just Not Too Close, Please!

Kinda tarnishes the ol image....

Not the 1st Pres. to dis the military privately, while publicly mouthing phrases...

Of course, the message still gets bottled up in the Lame Stream Media!

What is so pathetic is WE know the LSM are biased....They admit, one-on-one to the bias, but still continue to cover things in a biased way....cause it follows the "theme".....


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Your EPA In Action, Obama Style!

Let me see......the EPA is fining oil companies for NOT selling fuel that is not even available.......so what do they have planned for next year.....They've upped the volume required to be sold of the UNAVAILABLE fuel for the coming year!

We are in the very best of hands.....


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Boy, That's (NOT) A Surprise!!!!

Outlaw guns & only the......well, you know the rest!

No where has confiscatory addressing of gun issues ever produced a lessening of criminal gun ownership......Cause.....THEY probably had them ILLEGALLY in the 1st place!


Sunday, January 08, 2012

Dead Beat Nation?

Marco Rubio, along with Rep West & our own Pam Bondi, provides the light for Florida's GOP future.

Rubio, wishing to advance slowly, has so-far refused speculation about President. That, however, does not mean he is not staying on top of just how bereft of good judgement our current President has been/continues to be!

Funny how the national Lame Stream Media continues on its way, not wishing to ask Obama anything to which he has not already provided them the answer.


Thursday, January 05, 2012

Were YOU Paying Attention in 2008?

"So who died and appointed you President?"......Often heard phrase in real life.

Obama gave the signs, as did his people, that his "RULE" was about to begin!

Of course, it is wise to also remember that my opening phrase is more usually stated as;

"So who died and appointed you GOD?"

Keep your eyes open folks....I suspect this clown is going to act as if he will not be re-elected, and govern (rule?) accordingly.