Monday, January 23, 2012

The Transparent DEM comments on Mitt/Newt/et al...

The DEM "spinners"....including most-obviously the sharp-tongued, moustachioed purveyor of pure DEM spin....(Come on you can name him!)....are utilizing their obfuscation to the nth degree to try to shape PrezBO's opponent.

Most of their drivel has been fairly harmless. They spin Romney as the "certain" winner....mostly because they wish to have him as "Obama-Lite" for the Chosen One's opponent.

A loud, challenging, knowledgeable fellow like Newt is instantly trashed. Behind the scenes these DEM operatives are silently working to find something that will transform "Mr. TelePrompter" into a person who can actually debate against a live person who will unveil the daggers.

I predict that if Newt wins, and faces Obama there will be a temper tantrum or two by the PrezBO before it is all over. Newt will find the soft spot and attack.

I eagerly anticipate it!


p.s. I voted in Florida today for Newt!