Tuesday, November 30, 2004

My Gosh....

Checking out "Patterico's Pontifications" a you will find the question of what is a terrorist!

Enjoy by going there!

Monday, November 29, 2004

Zarqawi "Expanded" his Operations????

Sometimes the MSM just gets so far afield as to be pathetically funny!

Froggy Ruminations (http://froggyruminations.blogspot.com) has a great post today on the topic of MSM commenting on Zarqawi and his current status.

In part he summarizes:

Now Zarqawi is on the ropes, his sanctuary is gone, and he is begging the Chechens and the Palestinians to take a time out from their own terrorist insurgencies to help him out in Iraq defeating the "Great Satan". His weapons are captured (including a chemical weapons lab), his top lieutenant was snatched up in Mosul, and the Sunnis are looking to deal now that the insurgency is looking shaky. Don't expect the MSM to realize what is happening until it's already over. They are already spinning the "election delay" as a threat to elections themselves, instead of the sign of weakness that it really is.

AND YET this morning's headline on FoxNews website is: Zarqawi Terrorist Group May Have Expanded

As I commented at Froggy's place, this is patently absurd. The man is about finished. What will the headline be on the day in the near future when Zarqawi goes down....captured, or preferably, killed.......Perhaps: "Zarqawi group to fight on in major new effort"?

Just Watch!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Ukraine....This could be NASTY!

The evident fact is that the people of this country are massively unhappy with the fraud and cheating documented in many areas in there vote for as new President.

The fact-behind-the-fact that concerns me is the apparent willingness of the Russians to bail into the situation with soldiers (some dressed as Ukranian soldiers), equipment, and to help foment the reaction to an estimated crowd of up to 1 million souls!

General strikes, university shut downs, etc. are underway.

This could get very dirty and quickly as I am sure the Russian backed candidate (on whose behalf the cheating was done) wants this quashed before it gets worse. It does seem to me, however, that goal has already been lost.

I sincerely hope these people, so very thirsty for Democracy, are not the victims now of massive military/police/thugs operations bloodying the entire event.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Rather - Continued 1

From The National Review: & right on the mark for Rather's "resignation....." See my earlier post below!

Kerry Spot [ jim geraghty reporting ]
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I guess I should be excited.

CBS will say that Rather's departure has nothing to do with the infamous memo story that was based on the unreliable word of Bill Burkett and a photocopied document that looked like it was printed out last Tuesday. They will say it has nothing to do with his stubborn refusal to retract the story when the facts were clear, when the skepticism of CBS' own document experts was revealed, when the obsessive agenda of Mary Mapes was revealed.

They'll say this has nothing to do with the calls for his resignation from the Pajamahadeen.

And maybe if the memo story hadn't happened, maybe Dan Rather would have retired anyway.

But I have my doubts.

And now I really want to see the results of that CBS internal investigation.

There's no way CBS will face the music and admit that the "60 Minutes II" story was a cheap-shot, amateur, sloppy, partisan, nasty, half-witted bit of hackery and that the guys in pajamas ran rings around them. If it was, they wouldn't be letting Rather stay on to keep doing "60 Minutes II" reports.

And they wouldn't be delaying his "Evening News" departure until March.

No, the arrogant suits at CBS are going to ignore the hard, accurate work of the blogs, the scolding from other media, the blatant culture of bias, cynicism, and disregard for the facts that has taken root in the news division. To face the music would be too hard.

Since the election, we have seen many liberal voices and leaders of the Democratic party throw a tantrum and dismiss those who disagree with them as rubes and idiots. Now we're seeing the same thing from CBS, ignoring the criticism from the blogs and claiming this is just a scheduled changing of the guard.

Not good enough, Sauronic Eye! This is long overdue, and we still want answers on how that memo story made it to air! And why it took so long for you guys to admit that it was fake!

And do you want to apologize to President Bush? It was his reputation you were trashing based on fake evidence.

We just had our intelligence insulted.

Can you say "WHITEWASH"?????

Rather is going to move out.....he'll center in on his favorite "Hard News" investigative.....right and I am the King of Siam......Hard news...this ancient liar has no concept of the phrase!

Next is the move of Mapes from her position to one of another "focus", thus moving her off the field of fire!

Then the announcement that the entire affair has been settled by these moves....coming, of course from the "whitewash committee" assigned to investigate the entire thing.....

Oh, and Hayward, "has seen that we need to tighten up on our sourcing for news stories", and thus is cleared, exonerated, and flushed!.....Mostly flushed!

Ya wanna bet me?????


Monday, November 22, 2004

What is Wrong????

Is the world going stupid/nutty/crazy????

What is this?

Near my town a shooter enters a Radio Shack store and kills people, then himself.... He didn't know ANY of them, had no axe to grind, etc.....

In Wisconsin a crazy kills at least 5....wound three more and then is apprehended only because he ran out of ammunition!

My God....what is happening?

The world seems rational most of the time....excepting, of course, the Left and their elitist views of war/people, etc.....

But this is DIFFERENT!

I am concerned.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

N. Korea - THIS Fascinates me!

Portraits of "Kim Il Jong" are being removed......???
The license for the approval of the "demigod" has been revoked????

My friends, I believe the scene paints a picture of a society about READY to embrace change....that change, for the folks who may not know the depths of the N. Korean plague of lack-a-food, etc. is to a form of Capitalism!

Am I wrong?,
I don't think so!
Let us Watch!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

SARIN GAS????? Read it and ask!

The fact is, in Fallujah, our troops found the WMD that has been Missing! The results should be a cataclysmic reaction of favorability to the Bush claims...."Wanna Bet!"

here is the site to check:


Thanks you Captain's Quarters for the info.....we will follow!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Rathergate still going! Check for whitewash buckets!

Go to Rathergate.com and note the coverage there is still ongoing....


I answered the call for "my" solution.....they have had lots of offerings.

My personal feeling?

Rather will retire after the inauguration. Mapes will be reassigned (&receive a nice big hush money bonus). and the rest will toddle on like now.

I'll still NOT be watching the chanel....(Actually I cannot recall my last actual TV newscast... except, of course, some local stuff mornings....we are up at 5am)

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Media "blackout"?

Veteran's Day, as I noted below.

Now I note.......All major media....FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN....are running rampant on the field of coverage for the dead terrorist, thief and thug......

No mention of Veteran's Day.....except a small side bar on two locations stating President Bush would honor veterans.

Our lovely media! How absurd can they get? Just watch they present new examples daily.

Veteran's Day

My personal salute to all veterans on this Veteran's Day 2004.

The service given by those who survive, and those who gave everything is directly the reason the USA is the powerful free country the rest of the world sees, and we enjoy.

Duke DeLand
Semper Par

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Spector - By Careful!

Having just completed a wonderful and broad-based win in the elections, I feel now is the time for some moderate conservativism! This is NOT the time to go bashing fellow GOP because they are not as conservative as you are...

The surest way to destroy the hard-fought edge enjoyed currently by the GOP is to begin feeding on our own. Arlen Spector is not a conservative. Surprise? No. He is a power, and a person to "make nice" with as we begin trying to renew the Supreme Court.

Blowing him out of the position to which he is entitled....or, more importantly, NOT suceeding in such an effort would be disasterous for the possibilities of SC change.

Read a lot more at: http://hughhewitt.com

Monday, November 08, 2004

& Now it begins!!!!

The speculation; the explanations; the excuses; the denials; the reasons.....ad nauseum!

The nice thing is, now the "bloggers" can watch and enjoy the motions, staggering, drunken weaving, and other forms of avoidance the Liberal Democrats and the MSM are employing. In kind, the MSM must be, underneath at least, knowing they cut their own....already lessening... readership and believeability.....

Ignoring the obvious; something Rather and company....the NYT...the LA Times; etc, seem well-equipt to do....only makes their efforts more obnoxious to the readership.

Is there truly a point where the MSM will accept and acknowledge that they are:

2. Out-of-Touch
3. Losing the battle to paint the "public" as less enlightened than are they!

I seriously doubt it until the MIGHTY sword of "Profit" rears its ugly head and the owners/stock-holders begin to tell the MSM media to "Get with the plan" of the new order....

It will occur!

Saturday, November 06, 2004

An email to answer Michael Moore's 17 reasons

Michael Moore suggested 17 reasons for Dems not to slit their wrists!

I answered on an email to Power Line....

Here it is....

The elitist, condescending, ideology of Michael Moore and several of his contemporary idiots of "we are smarter, better able to decide" group is pervasive in this group of self-defeating persons.....

Michael Moore's 17 reasons Democrats should not slit their wrists.....


1. It is also against the law for Clinton to run again.......nuff said

2. Bush's win was with the largest vote total EVER!.....The last person to have a majority of the vote and win the Presidency was (drum roll) George Bush, the 1st!!!!! HE HAD A MAJORITY IDIOT!....Gore had a majority, but lost...Bush WON and had majority!

3. Adults are wrong? Guess you will abdicate your fat ass off the idea of providing any information in 2008 election!

4. The idea is, IDIOT PERSON,......There is nothing wrong with people finding fault with the system.....they voted AGAINST your candidate!...they did not vote against Bush! Must be a real cultural shock to you, huh? sKerry was a BAD candidate, dictated by the control of the ultra-liberal part of the Demo party.....they ARE NOT in touch!

5. The Senate and House will be much more capable of deciding issues than the previous congress. The Dems had better think long and hard before a filibuster attitude on appointments.....the last 4 years proved them wrong, but with both a voter majority and an election by a good margin of electoral votes....this President Bush will control these appointments.

6. Look, Mr. Moore, to the county votes nationwide.....if not for the major population centers you would lose 50 states!!!!!! That is fact!

7. Buckeye nut? You loved the state until it went BUSH! It was your ideal location for the "dissatisfaction of the voters"... Wha Happen?????

8. In 50 years we will all be dead....deal with reality you fat slob!

9. What a crock of crap! You proposed the amendments in the face of public opinion against said and same.....if you were surprised by the outcome, you are truly deaf, dumb and ignorant.....gosh I guess you are!

10. Cynthia is a mis-guided Islamic person who does not fit any judgement of being an "African American"....try again sucker.

11. One lonely victory......one....and the number of senators went MORE GOP! Get it?

12. Twins are good!

13. Nice going folks....your local folk get the message and talked the talk and walked the walk....they did not follow the national ultra-liberal mantra!

14. Lame Duck.....this is really hilarious! Lame Duck????? The man has not been sworn in, has a House and Senate in his corner, and he is a Lame Duck! YOU WISH!

15. Speculation about a President's actions prior to the initiation of same is useless, and just a method of promulgating your own ideals and wishes instead of the facts!

16. Clinton never reached 50% of the voters! Nuff said!

17. You are truly screwed in the head, Michael. Your vision ignores the fact that MORE PEOPLE than ever before also voted for the President, George W. Bush.....It ignores the fact the this Mr. Bush had lots of failings, in the eyes of many voters, and he was less-than-perfect by far! The ONLY reason your screaming liberal was given the votes he got was a combination of people opposed to Bush, and his own deception as he claimed to be much more conservative-middle-of-the-road than he was. Had he come out screaming liberal values, he'd have lost by a TON....not "Just" 3%.....

Get a grip, Michael.....enjoy the loss, and find a new calling for if the Dems are at all awake, they will move more middle....not liberal...and you will be fat useless baggage!

Duke of DeLand

Fallujah Surprise?

Maybe I am missing something!

We are surrounding the city of Fallujah.......bent on destruction of the terrorists/insurgents/bad guys (take your pick) therein.....

Now bombs explode in a "safe city".....

We are, it seems to me....and I am not a military tactician....fighting a traditional war with fronts, etc. against an enemy that just is rag-tag and capable of sliding one way and another always just ahead of our signaled-in-advance moves. We take two-three weeks to encircle and close off the city to attack....meanwhile the insurgents send a few hit men off to another city to provide diversion.

We gotta make better use of our special ops folks, folks!

A Sad American nails the election decision process

Check out what A Sad American had to say on her blog....


She nails the election decision......no choices left and a lot of venom.

I posted this comment in reply to her statements:

Hurrah! Bravo.....I, my dear, am a 60+ Floridian who also was looking for a reason to vote for someone other than Bush. My ideal would have been Lieberman!

Your account, a lot of which I agreed with, is complete and touches on the major theme of two items which sealed my vote:

Not once did I actually feel I understood one position of John Kerry's....not once!

The condescending, venomous attitude of the most liberal left wingers toward any who opposed them.

My fear now: 2008 and Hillary will be running with Michael Moore Al Franken and company on the band wagon. There is NO change in that Democratic group, and I would probably be once again voting for the other candidate.

Perhaps between now and then the Dems will get a clue, however their harangue already about Gays, religion, etc. indicate otherwise....it just cannot be accepted in their mind that they had the wrong candidate with no discernible message....it had to be a problem with the 51%!


Friday, November 05, 2004

The 2008 theory-string begins

I just KNEW it would be quick.....particularly since so many of us have become addicted to the blogs for politicals happenings during the event-every-minute campaign time.

Now the speculators.....both left and right have begun:

Hillary vs Guilani

Condi vs Hillary

Hillary vs Guilani w/"The Ar-Nold" as VP....

My gosh the traffic is impossible!

I love it.

Perhaps I love even more the Dem justifications for the defeat....

To enumerate them is to give them a life they don't deserve....
To work the fact that the Dems....NOT ALL, but most....are ignoring the fact


The talk by Dems of Bush's need to try to communicate with them!


The Dems need to recognize LOSS and then to reach out to come toward the WINNING party theme....then they might actually regain a viable platform....

The GOP does NOT need to embrace the platform of the losers!!!!!
They lost BECAUSE of the platform....well, and also because sKerry was a terrible candidate!

Love it, enjoy!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

4 More...and a common sense approach!

Bush has delivered his address.....most of you have seen it.

I cannot offer more....

He will lead us....despite any misgivings....and to the delight of most of us who read this!

Let us ALL strive to bring together the "Americas" we all know and feel....

As Mr. sKerry stated.....

Despite the loss, "we all wake up tomorrow as Americans"....

How true, and one of the most wonderful things Mr. Kerry said in his entire campaign!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

MY GOD....We are having an impact!

I use "We" loosely....as I am but a cog......


Several BLOG spots of high reputation and volume are down!

I posted this on "Martini Pundit" in answer to his question why!

"He He!

One of two scenarios fits!

A. The blogger spots with the very top political/volume impacts (not to disparage you, Mr. Martini!) are being atacked....

B. The volume alone speaks “VOLUMES” about the anticipatory viewings as we all wind up for the election coverage from our MOST TRUSTED sources!

I believe it is the “B” choice myself....

Right on blogs-ville!!!!

Posted by Duke DeLand on 11/02 at 03:53 PM"

AMEN BROTHER BEN! Wanna bet next election cycle the "watch" for results will be on a form of blog compulation site/sites?????