Saturday, November 06, 2004

An email to answer Michael Moore's 17 reasons

Michael Moore suggested 17 reasons for Dems not to slit their wrists!

I answered on an email to Power Line....

Here it is....

The elitist, condescending, ideology of Michael Moore and several of his contemporary idiots of "we are smarter, better able to decide" group is pervasive in this group of self-defeating persons.....

Michael Moore's 17 reasons Democrats should not slit their wrists.....


1. It is also against the law for Clinton to run again.......nuff said

2. Bush's win was with the largest vote total EVER!.....The last person to have a majority of the vote and win the Presidency was (drum roll) George Bush, the 1st!!!!! HE HAD A MAJORITY IDIOT!....Gore had a majority, but lost...Bush WON and had majority!

3. Adults are wrong? Guess you will abdicate your fat ass off the idea of providing any information in 2008 election!

4. The idea is, IDIOT PERSON,......There is nothing wrong with people finding fault with the system.....they voted AGAINST your candidate!...they did not vote against Bush! Must be a real cultural shock to you, huh? sKerry was a BAD candidate, dictated by the control of the ultra-liberal part of the Demo party.....they ARE NOT in touch!

5. The Senate and House will be much more capable of deciding issues than the previous congress. The Dems had better think long and hard before a filibuster attitude on appointments.....the last 4 years proved them wrong, but with both a voter majority and an election by a good margin of electoral votes....this President Bush will control these appointments.

6. Look, Mr. Moore, to the county votes nationwide.....if not for the major population centers you would lose 50 states!!!!!! That is fact!

7. Buckeye nut? You loved the state until it went BUSH! It was your ideal location for the "dissatisfaction of the voters"... Wha Happen?????

8. In 50 years we will all be with reality you fat slob!

9. What a crock of crap! You proposed the amendments in the face of public opinion against said and same.....if you were surprised by the outcome, you are truly deaf, dumb and ignorant.....gosh I guess you are!

10. Cynthia is a mis-guided Islamic person who does not fit any judgement of being an "African American"....try again sucker.

11. One lonely the number of senators went MORE GOP! Get it?

12. Twins are good!

13. Nice going folks....your local folk get the message and talked the talk and walked the walk....they did not follow the national ultra-liberal mantra!

14. Lame Duck.....this is really hilarious! Lame Duck????? The man has not been sworn in, has a House and Senate in his corner, and he is a Lame Duck! YOU WISH!

15. Speculation about a President's actions prior to the initiation of same is useless, and just a method of promulgating your own ideals and wishes instead of the facts!

16. Clinton never reached 50% of the voters! Nuff said!

17. You are truly screwed in the head, Michael. Your vision ignores the fact that MORE PEOPLE than ever before also voted for the President, George W. Bush.....It ignores the fact the this Mr. Bush had lots of failings, in the eyes of many voters, and he was less-than-perfect by far! The ONLY reason your screaming liberal was given the votes he got was a combination of people opposed to Bush, and his own deception as he claimed to be much more conservative-middle-of-the-road than he was. Had he come out screaming liberal values, he'd have lost by a TON....not "Just" 3%.....

Get a grip, Michael.....enjoy the loss, and find a new calling for if the Dems are at all awake, they will move more middle....not liberal...and you will be fat useless baggage!

Duke of DeLand