Tuesday, November 02, 2004

MY GOD....We are having an impact!

I use "We" loosely....as I am but a cog......


Several BLOG spots of high reputation and volume are down!

I posted this on "Martini Pundit" in answer to his question why!

"He He!

One of two scenarios fits!

A. The blogger spots with the very top political/volume impacts (not to disparage you, Mr. Martini!) are being atacked....

B. The volume alone speaks “VOLUMES” about the anticipatory viewings as we all wind up for the election coverage from our MOST TRUSTED sources!

I believe it is the “B” choice myself....

Right on blogs-ville!!!!

Posted by Duke DeLand on 11/02 at 03:53 PM"

AMEN BROTHER BEN! Wanna bet next election cycle the "watch" for results will be on a form of blog compulation site/sites?????