Monday, October 25, 2004

Really scarry Stuff!!!

OK, I often speak of the "sKerry" attitude, and his (lack of) beliefs....

NOW I speak of the scarry ideas of polls with intimidation.....election centers with thugs outside...and much more.

This speaks volumes of not the same society!

Are we, as a union, at the point of people trying openly to intimidate others in their vote?

If so.....we are a society in total destructive mode....I care not Demo or Rep......I care only that there may be the forefront of destruction in our very society.

If we are to allow and accept houliganism and the idea of people trying to keep other from expressing their right as a voter, then we are dead as a society.

200 years.....

Many have stated that most societys have a limited lifetime....

Are we about to prove it?

God!.....I fear this!