Monday, October 11, 2004

Nice Break....Now back to the politics!

Yes, the cruise was a nice aside from life......

No politics (even from fellow passengers who also seemed overjoyed we had no TV, newspapers, etc. with politics to digest).....

Now...back to reality!

The campaign got along nicely without my observations during my 7 day absence!

The fact is Bush is back again, following the 1st debate and his tentative attitudes, with a fine 2nd debate response, and the numbers indicate he is a winner.

Good? I don't know... Bush is not "My Guy"....but sKerry is an almost "known" quantity....
A person beset with negatives instead of positives given a Presidential candidate!

Go Bush...let us NOT elect this monster of rhetoric, and disengenuous comment!

I'll have to live with the resultant Supreme Court appointments, etc.