Thursday, September 30, 2004

Belmont club joins in harangue of Reuters

The Reuters story of how the deaths of children in Iraq were related to USA troops/actions, is a dispicable story.....

I answered the call on "The Belmont Club" with a response.....which follows!

Reuters.....the image in my mind has to change!
For years as a reader and former newsman I found this fine organization to typify the conservative English edicts of truth and displays of continued open reporting.
How Sad!!!!!!
Now they display the liberal mein which has begun to encompass so many of the MSM disturbing to find it is pervasive beyond the borders of the good ol USA!
I salute "what was" in Reuters.....with a solid dry red hoisted in my glass! & Try desperately to find an end tot he liberalization of the MSM world-wide!