Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I missed TOOOOOO Much

Gone a week plus as my PC was "inhabited" by a strange beast.....

I won....but lost so much time, and such a fine time for the blogosphere......

"Blather" loses......Blogs win!

However, the fact of the matter is the MSM, (read: CBS) has yet to capitulate. AND, I suspect they will never. Mapes is already being readied for the fall onto her own dagger.....will she go quietly? Of course.....the combination of her liberal motives for the entire thing in the first place, plus a sweet departing gift of $$$$$ will make her compliant. She will surely never bespoil the MSM so as to benefit THE BUSHES!

They, the MSM, cannot abandon their place; except, to abdicate their entire position in one move. Thus, you will see the fact you have already seen the continuation....of the MSM in their parkas of "We are the annointed".....

Something we bloggers will have to accept, for now!

However, The BLOGS have won a major victory. Never again with the MSM venture into such a drastic departure from vetting as they did on this issue! They will know the bloggers lurk out there, examining their every story.

That, my friends, is perhaps the best we can hope for!