Saturday, September 04, 2004


I just fired this email off to several AP honchos, re: Wisconsin story lying about Bush & Wisconsin Republicans.....(also copied to Captain's Quarters)

"At some point the MSM, including the formerly mighty AP will begin to get the message that bald-faced lies exhibited today by them, regarding the West Allis, WI story, will be uncovered, and exposed thru the "5th column".......weblogs. The column is today's alternative to our formerly great 4th Estate!

As a man who spent 8 years of his life as a broadcast journalist....more years ago than I care to has been both disheartening and embarassing to see the media slide into open editorialism, disguised as news stories. We prided ourselves on going with stories only after both sides were presented in them. The major tool now is becoming the news-by-omission.....If it is not liberal, ignore it. If it is liberal bleat it loudly.

Wrong on this? I believe not. For instance, following the DNC the polls showed him with a "nudge"....well covered by the media. now two major polls (Zogby, Time) are out showing double digit leads among likely voters....but the lead is for Bush. Not a word showing on the pages of the MSM. How about you, AP?

As a once strong, and vital member of the AP should be ashamed. &, by the way, acknowledging their lie!

Thanks you for listening!

Duke DeLand, Tampa, Florida"

Wonder if it will even be read?