Friday, September 03, 2004

Defining Moment! - The Race is OVER????

In every race for any office there comes a defining moment.....some are sharply etched...some come on later, recognizable after-the-fact by most.

In this Presidential race the moment, I believe, has passed!

Bush WINS!

Not one; not two; not three; but four indicators tell me this.....diverse as they are.

1. Perceptions by voters.......Two polls, Zogby and the TIME poll are showing different numbers, however both show an 11 point lead by Bush for the August 30 thru September 2 poll of likely voters.

2. Panic by Candidates.......last night sKerry made a desperate, almost comical effort to discredit the Bush speech......he made several mistakes. The very fact of doing so illuminated the idea he and his crew are SCARED! Candidates NEVER do major appearances during the convention of the other party!

3. sKerry's midnight appearance was almost an out-of-body experience as he told lies....reciting items long since destroyed as to fact by many sources. He is speaking as if from never-never-land!

4. Even the Major media are beginning to report more correctly....more centerist.....a TRUE sign they see a loser in the making.

The rest will be money the millions and millions....but largely window-dressing.
sKerry will blame his staff, and surf off in to history bearing the moniker...."I voted for it, before I voted against it!"