Monday, August 23, 2004


My friends......I am as excited as I could be!

The truth of the matter has already been stated on several of the major blogs.....

This campaign for President.....the resultant...and expected...Liberal media bent.....published and providing the BLOGS with traction......

I cannot tell you how many friends, communicants, etc. have begun to delve into our world!

News for the sake of news......with bias announced in BOLD guessing, no hiding behind the guise of "Fair" with coverage we can all read thru and then decifer for ourselves!....

I do not need a Dan "Blather" or other such idiotic newsmen to "decifer" the news for me! They obviously have determined that news, for news sake, is unimportant.....they can provide us with their view and we do not need to therefore think or consider...just subscribe to their illness.

Bravo for BLOGS! The truth will out!