Sunday, August 22, 2004

How Can They Ignore??????

I am a person who finds George Bush less-than-my-ideal......

He has espoused many points with which I disagree!


This man, sKerry, is so devoid of principals, ACTUAL positions on ANYTHING, as to scare the HELL out of me!

I have NO IDEA where he would land on anything....excepting SPENDING MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF MONEY!.....something Bush already is MORE than competant at doing!

Give me a "less-than-acceptable" candidate than one whose entire arguements for being viable are centered on a really bad military record!

WHY would a man wiyth 20 years in the Senate make his questionable-at-best military record his fight for the Presidency??????

Gotta be something in the fact he NEVER achieved any micro-tron of success as a Senator!

We have to prevent this idiot from becoming the "Commander-In-Chief"!