Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Strib guy, Nick gets it WRONG!

Nick, of the STRIB (St Pete Tribune) gets is wrong in his article about news and about BLOGGERS.....and I answered him, inviting a reply....

Wanna Bet?????

Course Not!

Here is my reply to "The Nick".....

My Gosh Nick!!!!!!!!!

Get a grip on yourself.....

You have come across as if the "blogs" were written by the demented idiots of the "my DVD an me are buddies" crowd.

I have a blog, Nick......

I am a NEWSMAN......not today, but from yesterday....from back when NEWS was a valuable and verifiable commodity......
A time when NEWS was written with BOTH sides represented......when NEWS meant you heard what left and right had to say!
NOT a time when you used your position to delve into why YOUR ideas are right and everything else is WRONG!

I was, in fact, an award-winning newman in editorials, medical programs, and in the field of documentaries....when radio was AM and we were creative, and prided ourselves on being UNBIASED!

Wish you could say the same....

Gonna reply to me?
I doubt it!

Paul "Duke" DeLand
Tampa, Florida

(A broadcast newsman from Illinois in the 60s/70s)