Thursday, September 23, 2004

P-A-N-I-C !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you describe a campaign that has resorted (given by reference, and not my own personal knowledge!) to such things as:

Notes to students from the DNC.......saying the draft will be re-imposed under a 2nd Bush administration......(NOTE: The only bills proposing such are those submitted by DEMOCRATS!)

Comments to Seniors in Florida that SS would be "savaged" to provide additional funds for "BIG BUSINESS"....something not possible under SS laws....though the Demos have managed to "drain" the SS funds on an annual basis for 20 plus years!

My gosh it gets better and better........NOW sKerry speaks out against the Iraq leader who is in Washington and thanking us for our involvement.....saying basically, "He does not know what he is talking about"! sKerry is operating like a run-away train........

The polls speak long and loud......NO ONE trusts sKerry!!!!! Not even Demos!

That is fact!