Saturday, November 06, 2004

A Sad American nails the election decision process

Check out what A Sad American had to say on her blog....

She nails the election choices left and a lot of venom.

I posted this comment in reply to her statements:

Hurrah! Bravo.....I, my dear, am a 60+ Floridian who also was looking for a reason to vote for someone other than Bush. My ideal would have been Lieberman!

Your account, a lot of which I agreed with, is complete and touches on the major theme of two items which sealed my vote:

Not once did I actually feel I understood one position of John Kerry's....not once!

The condescending, venomous attitude of the most liberal left wingers toward any who opposed them.

My fear now: 2008 and Hillary will be running with Michael Moore Al Franken and company on the band wagon. There is NO change in that Democratic group, and I would probably be once again voting for the other candidate.

Perhaps between now and then the Dems will get a clue, however their harangue already about Gays, religion, etc. indicate just cannot be accepted in their mind that they had the wrong candidate with no discernible had to be a problem with the 51%!