Monday, November 08, 2004

& Now it begins!!!!

The speculation; the explanations; the excuses; the denials; the nauseum!

The nice thing is, now the "bloggers" can watch and enjoy the motions, staggering, drunken weaving, and other forms of avoidance the Liberal Democrats and the MSM are employing. In kind, the MSM must be, underneath at least, knowing they cut their own....already lessening... readership and believeability.....

Ignoring the obvious; something Rather and company....the NYT...the LA Times; etc, seem well-equipt to do....only makes their efforts more obnoxious to the readership.

Is there truly a point where the MSM will accept and acknowledge that they are:

2. Out-of-Touch
3. Losing the battle to paint the "public" as less enlightened than are they!

I seriously doubt it until the MIGHTY sword of "Profit" rears its ugly head and the owners/stock-holders begin to tell the MSM media to "Get with the plan" of the new order....

It will occur!