Monday, November 29, 2004

Zarqawi "Expanded" his Operations????

Sometimes the MSM just gets so far afield as to be pathetically funny!

Froggy Ruminations ( has a great post today on the topic of MSM commenting on Zarqawi and his current status.

In part he summarizes:

Now Zarqawi is on the ropes, his sanctuary is gone, and he is begging the Chechens and the Palestinians to take a time out from their own terrorist insurgencies to help him out in Iraq defeating the "Great Satan". His weapons are captured (including a chemical weapons lab), his top lieutenant was snatched up in Mosul, and the Sunnis are looking to deal now that the insurgency is looking shaky. Don't expect the MSM to realize what is happening until it's already over. They are already spinning the "election delay" as a threat to elections themselves, instead of the sign of weakness that it really is.

AND YET this morning's headline on FoxNews website is: Zarqawi Terrorist Group May Have Expanded

As I commented at Froggy's place, this is patently absurd. The man is about finished. What will the headline be on the day in the near future when Zarqawi goes down....captured, or preferably, killed.......Perhaps: "Zarqawi group to fight on in major new effort"?

Just Watch!