Friday, July 17, 2009

Choice? - You Don Get No Stinkeen Choice

Investor's Business Daily exposes the devil in O's HealthCareless Program!

In plain language....YOU cannot choose anything in health care under the Obamassiah's plan. IF you have insurance you can maintain it....BUT if you change choice. If your employer drops health care choice. You WILL end up on the Government plan.....PERIOD!

Ain't that special? One estimate I heard was 130 MILLION will lose their private health care under the proposed plan....130 Million who are now quite happy with their insurance and who will not change unless coerced/forced to do so!

Somebody ask Obama about that one......see if he'll answer. Bet not.

Since this little nugget was on page 16 it makes one wonder what is on the remainder of the 1,000 plus pages....

Oh! I forgot, we're not supposed to read it, just accept The One's plan....even if it RAISES COSTS!

Given another week of exposure this tent will fold completely! Do we have a week??? Call YOUR CONGRESSCRITTER T-O-D-A-Y! Stop this idiocy.