Saturday, August 20, 2005

Adopt A Box O'Docs! - Box 4

No, this is not a strange post.......

Update: Thanks to Radio Blogger & Hugh Hewitt for their efforts getting bloggers involved in the search through the Roberts records.....Nice new touch for all of us, as I said below....& Feel free to check out the rest of what you see here.
Duke & Lil Duke

Over at Radio Blogger this post as John Roberts' papers are divided into boxes, and the bloggers unite to review them.

I found it so unique I volunteered...

Simple thing to do, and quick response assigning me a part of Box 4!

That is right here.

End result......Not much there! I will, however make some observations after I add RadioBlogger's later posts regarding the blogger response to this effort to be found here.

Just another example of the blogosphere moving into new waters....showing muscle with such niceties as "analysis"....previously an MSM forte, now being offered by this unique new media....and doing so in an open forum where those who miss something or simply mis-state something will be revealed in short order.

Now for Box 4 (my portion)

16 others have found already, most are not revealing of anything. There is a cover page, then several pages regarding appointments....not to high level positions, but to such august bodies as "Committee for Purchase from the Blind and Other Severly Handicapped", "The Advisory Committee to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation", and a couple of others equally innocuous. The memoes are for the most part from Mr. Roberts and on White House stationary. Brevity seems a talent he possesses.

Another multi-pager is a memo from Roberts to David L. Chew, Staff Secretary, setting out recommendation for 20 individuals to National Medal of Science. Each person described in a single paragraph.

The only political mention I found was a mundane description of two gentlemen being reappointed to the above mentioned Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. Each was described by his background and experience in such a post, and then they were described; one each; as a Democrat, and a Republican.

Nothing in this box to cause rumbles among the MSM or anyone esle as far as I could tell!

Interesting stuff, and probably quite descriptive of the kind of papers one would expect to find, for the most part, buried in 32 boxes of old documents by any person in such a position.