Friday, September 17, 2010

For Christ's Sake; GET A GRIP!

The DEMs have been allowed to spout their rhetoric for several years as the wussy GOP just thought they needed to be DEM-light.

The Tea Party is forcing the GOP to grow a pair.

If they do not, and the impact will possibly not be in 2010, but in 2012, the Tea Party will take over the GOP! It is THAT simple!

The 1994 GOP had the theme and the song. They then morphed into the team of spend-spend-spend, light DEMs. In 2006 they got their comeuppance...They lost Congress and the Senate (effectively), and in 2008 the total rout of the GOP was completed.

Bush, while a vigorous-defender of the US and its need to be attacking the Islamic terrorists, was a complete catastrophe in the spending department. He grew government and the budget. He fostered the fall of our economy (with HUGE support from the DEMs).

Now, we have a new theme...offered by the Tea Party. It will prevail in some elections this November.....It will fail in others. BUT, it will leave a deep, bright red, mark on the GOP. One which will produce MUCH more fruit in 2012. That could include the Obama scalp!

Go Tea Party....purify our idiots in the GOP "establishment"....make them inconsequential!

Love it.....