Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Is It Just Me??????

Am I the only one hearing a really loud and clear "MAY DAY, MAY DAY" call from the DEMs?

I think not!

The facts are, the euphoria of "The One!" has worn itself out!

Obama is bankrupt in terms of ideas, control, and force! He quickly exhausted his creds as the "New Prez" in the passage of the "(UN)Stimulus Bill!"

He then engaged in the idiocy of healthcare (ObamaCare) NO details; NO plans; NO idea of what he proposed....just the message "PASS IT!" wE'LL DO THE DETAILS, $, ETC. LATER!

The man is a sham. His plan is a sham. He still believes Chicago political efforts work in THE USA as a whole! WRONG!

Obama has exhausted his Chicago options, and NOTHING is working, and he has no idea what to do,,,,so he still "CAMPAIGNS!!!".....Full time/Every Time.

His answers are gone.

He is bankrupt!