Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Please ALLOW ME!....Let Me Be Among The 1st To Expose Obama As A FAKE!!!!

This President has so far managed to screw up every thing he has addressed!

He is diving in the polls.....both those personal popularity, and those which address the issues. He is NOT doing well in ANY POLL!

He still soldiers on as a "CANDIDATE" for office. he knows nothing else.

He cannot control a budget...he cannot decide anything other than where and when his next speech will be.

This man is in a doomsday dive to obscurity.

2012 is his death-knell....unless he finds a magic-elixir!

I do not believe said and same exists....and I believe he has exhausted his creds coming into office to the point where he has nothing left to spend in his favor!

Mr. President; you are DEAD-IN-THE-WATER!