Tuesday, September 15, 2009

MSM Working Toward Extinction......ACORN Does Not Exist!

The pace of self-destruction among the MSM (Antique Media) is quickening.

Their new motto seems to be "All The News (We want you to hear), All The Time"

ACORN is in really deep doo doo over the unveiling of multiple instances of various offices advising pimps and prostitutes on how to avoid taxes.

ABC & CBS do not even know the story exists....

MSNBC has a short story about the Senate voting 83-7 to disallow funding from HUD for the ACORN operation. They blame the vote on "activists"....

Top story of the week....perhaps of the month....the repercussions could be astounding. The MSM finds it less important than telling about Serena Williams on-court blowup, Patrick Swayze's death, Kanye's award explosion, etc.

The media....Farcical at best.