Monday, September 14, 2009

Senate Votes Cut for ACORN FUNDS......83-7 WOO HOO!

Ed at Hot Air covers it like a blanket.

ACORN is going down, but the secret is the continuation of the series of "Pimp/Ho" ACORN videos because Ms. Pelosi is so massively deluded as to ignore bringing the same vote to the House floor.

It will happen, and it is another in the LONG-LONG list of Obama-Suicide items.

The amateur is self-destructing.....he cannot help is ALL he knows...and now he is outside Sha-Kaw-Gah!

(Do any of my readers understand the pronunciation of Chicago above??? Thinking about it I guess most of my readers are too young to remember the "Original" Daley who used the particular pronunciation of "The Windy!")