Wednesday, September 09, 2009

EARTH TO DEMs.......Listen UP!

My late, great best friend CC Vans Evers, II, often issued the clarion call to one or the other of his daughters.....usually the youngest......"Earth to Teri!"

His meaning, of course, was this child is NOT in touch with reality. (She was not then, but now is a really responsible adult who is in touch!)

I am reminded of this scenario as the DEMs seem hell-bent upon a self-destruct pattern which allows them to offer fantasy options which we can all find as NOT REAL....

They seem to believe because they are a majority they control the thought-process of the voters. They are finding a different answer.

The DEMs have not a majority on any issue......ObamaCare; Cap & Tax(Trade).....or any other of their issues.

Obama has spent his chits and the public wants retribution, and control of spending.

Will the DEMs see this....of course.....WILL THEY respond to it in a positive fashion? I sincerely doubt it. They will dive into self-destruct mode for the 2010 and 2012 elections.

Result....2012 GOP majority....possibly including a Pres!